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COVID-19 Update


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Howdy all,

Hope you are all safe and well. We have indeed been quiet, and I apologise for that.

The situation appears to be evolving day by day as we continue to embrace this unprecedented event.

We are however, not dead and still alive! Though things will be slowed due to real life commitments with our staff (our volunteer staff come first).

A lot has been planned and discussed over the past few months about different approaches and the overall structure of the community. As such, I'd like to announce the following:

  1. New positions becoming available in management
  2. Position responsibilities revised and simplified
  3. Patreon tiers & benefits
  4. New in-world events
  5. New integrated CAD & MDT system
  6. Revised whitelisted organisation (i.e. Police & Ambulance) structures
  7. And a lot more to come...

If you know anyone interested in joining our close knit team, we'd love to hear from you!

Community Director

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