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Server Commands Masterlist

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Server Commands Masterlist

This is a masterlist of server commands which can be used by players, if something is missing, please comment below and we'll add it.


  • <required>
  • [optional]
  • (information/requirements)



  • /die - Suicide
  • /disconnect - Disconnect from the server
  • /report [message] - Report a player or issue to online admins


  • /eup - Access the Enhanced Uniforms Pack UI (for emergency services only)


  • /clear - Clear the chat
  • /do <message> - Say a message as roleplay information
  • /me <message> - Say a message as an action as your character
  • /twt <message> - Send a Tweet


  • /char - List your current character
  • /charlist - List all your registered characters
  • /charselect <character name> - Switch to the specified character
  • /chardel <character name> - Delete a registered character
  • /register - Register a new character


  • /givekey <id> - Give a player a key to your vehicle
  • /repair - Attempt to repair a damaged vehicle slightly
  • /radarset <number> - Set the audible alert minimum (police vehicles only)


  • /postal <Postal ID> - Draw a route to a certain postal
  • /postal - Remove the route (requires a postal route to exist)


  • /vmenuclient - Get the vMenu Client Version

Admin Specific


  • /admin - Shows what admin level you are and what group you're in
  • /announce <message> - Sends an announcement to the entire server


  • /car <model> - Spawn and enter the specified vehicle
  • /cardel - Deletes the current vehicle
  • /clearinventory <player id> - Clear all items from inventory
  • /clearloadout <player id> - Remove all weapons from loadout
  • /dv - Deletes the current vehicle
  • /heal [player id] - Heal a player, or yourself (restores thirst, hunder and health)
  • /giveaccountmoney <id> <account> <amount> - Give a player account money
  • /giveweapon <id> <weapon> <ammo> - Give a player a weapon with ammo
  • /giveitem <id> <item> <amount> - Give a player a RP item
  • /noclip - Enable or disable noclip
  • /setjob <id> <job> <grade id> - Set a player's job
  • /setmoney <id> <account> <amount> - Set money for a player


  • /bring <player id> - Teleport a player to you
  • /clearall - Clears the chatbox for everyone
  • /freeze <player id> - Freeze or unfreeze a user
  • /kick <user id> [reason] - Kick a user with the specified reason or no reason
  • /revive <player id> - Revive a player by ID

Weather & Time

  • /blackout - Toggles blackout mode (disables all lighting)
  • /evening - Set the time to 18:00
  • /freezetime - Toggle freezing time
  • /freezeweather - Toggle dynamic weather changes
  • /weather <weather type> - Change the weather to a set weather type. (Options: extrasunny, clear, neutral,m smog, foggy, overcast, clouds, clearing, rain, thunder, snow, blizzard, snowlight, xmas, halloween)
  • /morning - Set the time to 09:00
  • /noon - Set the time to 12:00
  • /night - Set the time to 23:00


  • /crash <player id> - Crash a user (for development use only)
  • /refresh - Refresh all the server files (loads new files)
  • /restart <resource name> - Restart a resource
  • /spawnped <name> - Spawn a ped by name
  • /spawnobject <name> - Spawn an object by name
  • /version - Get the FX Server Version
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