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Massive Forum Update


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Priority Zero Gaming

Massive Forum Update

Hiya all,

Apologies for being quiet as of late, things have been busy all around. But we're still here and lots of changes coming for the future!

The forums have been a little quiet as well, and we're always looking at ways to improve your experience and aid in the forums as a tool for roleplay.

Enough introduction.. let's see what's new! With pictures!

Update to the Author Pane on Postsimage.png

The author pane now contains some new things:

  1. Staff ranks will now stand out with flashy colors and stuff to better distinguish staff.
  2. Forum groups now have images with them so you can distinguish who is what and access what. e.g. Law Enforcement will say "Law Enforcement" (as pictured). These groups will stack.
  3. Profile fields are now icon-ified, simply over over them to see the text. This is great for displaying multiple characters you have. To update this, visit your profile and edit it.

We're working on some new images, so for now we have some placeholders, but keep your eyes peeled!


image.pngClubs are now Organizations

What's the difference? Clubs were limited in what you could do, while they were great for small information sharing and calendars, they lacked the ability for permissions which is important for organizations. So it's an entirely new system!

The organizations can be found here and main forum links will redirect to their appropriate organization. Note: Organizations will require approval and need to meet certain standards.

Clubs can no longer be created and will be removed on the 1st of November 2018, so if you need to move data over. Please do it now!


DonationsPriority Zero - Donator.png

Over the course of running the community, we've had an enormous amount of generosity from you guys and we'd like to reward it.

We're introducing a new donator system and group in the community which gives you added benefits throughout the entire community (both FiveM and Second Life), including priority support, a colorful name and more! So keep an eye out.


explorer_2018-10-14_03-01-15.pngTrophies & Medallions

As mentioned at the start, we're always looking at new ways to help your roleplay experience. Along with the new group images, we've installed a new system for trophies & medallions.

What this means is your organization superiors can now apply for you to have "medallions" applied to you. So if you've just saved someone's life, keep an eye out for that Heroism Ribbon.

We'll also be creating event specific trophies, to say thanks to the community for sticking with us and hanging out with us at our lame parties.

Bug Report Systemimage.png

We made our own bug report system which allows us to keep on top of your bug reports both for Second Life and FiveM.

See something not working as it should? Let us know!

You can check it out at https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/bugs and then track the status of your bug!

Note: This is not for suggestions, but keep your eyes open. Something is coming for that!

Update (2018-10-23: Suggestions can now be done here:  https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas

Honorable mentions & other things...

Not everything needs a screenshot or picture! But some other little things we've done:

  • We moved to a faster higher performance server, so everything will be much faster!
  • Updated the navigation menu on the left to be easier and more suited for both servers.
  • We've removed the blogs section. (Wasn't really used anyway).
  • We've brought back the chatbox to provide a medium for the community to communicate, as our Discord servers are separated.
  • With the chatbox, we've taken the statuses update off the forums sidebar, but statuses are still enabled, just not on the sidebar.
  • Recent awards (trophies, etc) will now be displayed on the forums sidebar.
  • Added more information to information sections (like staff roles).
  • And more coming soon!

Also.. did you know we're hiring? PM @Psihusky for more information!

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