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Husky's Network - How to Contact Staff


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Husky's Network

How to Contact Staff

To ensure you receive the quickest resolution we stick to a support process and may guide you to this post in order to get the fastest resolution to your issue.

Different staff members have different responsibilities and access levels, however have the appropriate methods in place to be able to escalate requests as needed.

We are adding new forms and support processes to make things easier, more transparent and better for both staff and players to ensure we resolve issues promptly, we appreciate your patience while we do this.

How to get help?

  1. If there is an admin-on-duty at the time, you may contact them online.
    1. However, they may point you here to provide information and to create the initial request as apart of our processes.
  2. Contact us via the Support page in the navigation pane.
    1. If you cannot find a form or you are not satisfied with the outcome of a request,  you can contact the team or upper management via the support section.

Do NOT attempt to contact staff outside* of the community!
Staff may refuse or ignore requests for support outside of the game or forums.


In-Game Help (all servers)

  • Each server of our community has it's own Player Support section were both players and admins can provide you support.
  • This has a Questions and Troubleshooting section where you can post your question.
  • There is also a Guides and Tutorials section created by other players and staff to aid you.

Someone is currently breaking the rules

  1. The best way to have an issue resolved is to submit a Player Report.

Make a suggestion or discuss a rule change

  • We value your feedback and suggestions, we often make changes based on community feedback.
  • To ensure transparency with requests, and so we can keep track of suggestions and see community interest, please submit a Suggestion via our Ideas Tracker and share the link with your friends to gain support for your idea.
  • We read every suggestion and take it into careful consideration, while your suggestion may not be implemented, we do keep every suggestion for future decisions.

I'm unhappy with a decision or an outcome by an admin

  • Firstly, we're sorry to hear this and hope to rectify the issue within our power.
  • We find that most people are unhappy with a rule and not with the actual staff member issuing the decision, if this is the case, please make a suggestion or discuss a rule change via the appropriate form.
  • If you wish, you can make a complaint against the staff member via the Report a Staff Member form which will be received by our senior management team who will make a final decision.

Reporting an forum post against the rules

  • Find the offending post and click "Report Post" on the top right of the actual post.
  • This is for reporting offending forum posts only.


Do not contact staff outside the community

We ensure our staff have a good work-life balance to ensure our staff are not overworked and are able to have lives outside of the community. We ask that members of the community respect this.

The only supported methods currently are:

  • In-World IM/PM (if a staff member is online)
  • Official Discord Channel (DMs are not supported)
  • Forum - Posts, Private Messages, Forms, Support Requests

Staff are well within their right to ignore requests or to redirect you to an appropriate support channel.


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