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Establishment of the Brains Trust 🧠


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Priority Zero Gaming

Establishment of the Brains Trust 🧠

What is the Brains Trust?

  • The Brains Trust is a small group of close official and unofficial advisers who are experts in their field.

What do the Brains Trust do?

  • The Brains Trust for Priority Zero Gaming discuss and assist with planning and strategy for Priority Zero Gaming based on their knowledge.
  • Help Priority Zero Gaming to be better.
  • Nothing administration or moderation related.
  • Provide feedback on ideas, suggestions and existing things.

What benefits do the Brains Trust get?

  • Nothing special.
  • A "Brains Trust" Tag on the Discord which grants them access to the Brains Trust channels.
  • Access to the closed Brains Trust Club on the forums.
  • Inside knowledge before things happen.
  • Beta test things before we release them to the public.

How do I become the Brains Trust?

  • Be an active member of the community.
  • Be an expert in your field.  (Roleplaying is a appropriate field)
  • Message @Psihusky with why you believe you'd make a good part of the Brains Trust team (include your knowledge).
  • You may also be invited into the Brains Trust team if we deem you to be suitable and can contribute.

What if I can't contribute to the Brains Trust?

  • Then you'll be surgically removed from the rest out functional brain, with a scalpel, like a bad tumor.
  • (You'll be kicked out).


🧠 Who is the Brains Trust? 🧠

(In no particular order)

@Xiolin Furlough   @SebastianSM   @Rudolph Preiss   @Krull   @Dusty Miller   @DDarkener   @Emily Snowfall   @Sierra Komarov   @Bill R. Smit  @Psihusky  @YOU?

Edited by Psihusky
Added the Brains Trust team
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