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Thoughts - Firing An Active Roleplayer


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What's everyone thoughts on this?

  1. It's full of drama, would make a good TV show.
  2. What happens to active roleplayers that lose their position?
    1. Do we keep them in the position? Do we suspend them?
  3. We know it's "roleplay", but how do we make it still fun?
  4. How would you handle it?
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A response to this is way overdue, including my own.


Great video! Absolutely loved it. With that being said, I actually have a bit of experience when it comes to this question. It is a good one at that and it really deserves the attention of any employee of any employer within Woodland County. Allow me to share my experience below.


Brief backstory, I was the within the highest attainable position within the San Andreas State Police of a FiveM community. I had a very good relationship with my second in charge, as well as command members below me. We hired in a Trooper and for the most part he seemed like a decent asset to the department. However, this individual had poor performance when it came to radio usage. He would not relay pertinent information, which would jeopardize fellow LEO's safety or the safety of the general public. To remedy this, the information was passed along the necessary lines in which it was unanimously decided that this Trooper was to undergo remedial training, in effort to better himself. 

This worked for awhile, however he continued to self attach when we had active dispatchers and continued to be more than brief with this radio traffic. Below was our issued suspension for the Trooper. 



This worked for awhile, until said Trooper made comments about another LEO's daughter over the air in which plenty of other members heard and/or witnessed. This was a clear violation of department policy, specifically regarding sexual harassment. He was trained, re-trained, warned, and suspended. This was the final straw. We issued the following to said Trooper.



He left without issue...why?

We kept it in character. This is the point we stress. Keep it in character. Unfortunately, every action has a consequence - good or bad. His actions were always IC actions. They were not up to par with our IC policies. He was warned ICly. He continued to break policy ICly, so we suspended him ICly. He was free to RP as a civilian. Once he came back ICly and continued to break policy, we had to ultimately fire him ICly. 

His character was no longer a law enforcement officer. He soon threaded into a character that quite literally transitioned to the other side of the thin blue line. He became an ex-cop, hardened criminal. 


1. It is full of drama - there was so much buzz around this. (First LEO in the community to ever be officially fired ICly) But, fun and unusually healthy drama.

2. They continue on their lives as you would IRL. You got fired. How do you proceed? Like I said, unfortunately, all actions have consequences, but they all lead to character development in some way. 

3. That video is a good example. Official documents add to the immersion. Maybe if they are within a government agency, they have to face a board. Maybe if they are a doctor and the reason is justifiable, the firing hits the news. Plenty of avenues to take.

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