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Is it coming back?

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Is it coming back?

There's been rumours being spread that we're not coming back, the server is gone for good, it's never coming back. So I'm here to quash those rumours and simply say that's not true. Whoever is saying that needs to stop. 😏

We've given it some thought, among the enormous messages of support and memories made that I've received over the past few months. It's enough to make a grown man cry.

We ❤️ you guys too much to simply give up, so we're going into heavy planning stage.

We will need your support through various means; your brains and your wallets. We're seeking a variety of talented and un-talented people to help fill the roles needed to run a great community!

We do not have any timeframes, as we want to get this right, but watch this space and the Discord, we'll be asking lots of questions and we'll let you know.

After all, it's your community as much as it is mine. 

Now @shaydy, get off my back, stop DMing me everyday. it's coming back.


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