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Farewell from Husky's Network

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Husky's Network has had a long history of delivering fun experiences on roleplay games. The community we have fostered has international relationships across the globe, some even meeting their long life partner through our communities. Husky's Network formally Roleplayworks, and Priority Zero Gaming started in 2017.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to break into the GTA V market significantly enough to sustain ourselves. We have made the difficult decision to shut down the community. There is no single reason for this.

The Discord will remain available for community's sake and members to talk amongst themselves, you're welcome to continue the friendships you've made over the years.

We're unsure of what the future holds, and we're in no rush to start any new projects.

Thank you all for your time and effort in making Husky's Network, a memory that many people will cherish for years to come. Stick around in our Discord, join us for a last few games and keep in touch.

I would especially like to thank our staff team for working tirelessly day and night on making one of the best communities.

Our servers will shutdown (aside from this forum) on the Monday 31st of January, 2022 at 12:00 PM ADST. Until next time.


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It's a sad day, indeed. Saying I'll miss this server is an understatement, Husky's Network was not only just a FiveM server, it was a escape from reality, and it was a welcoming community to all. Thank you Husky's, for all the memories.


Gott Mit Uns. mein freunde.

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And Thank You for making the time i spent on the server what it was, without Trooper Baker it wouldn't have been the fun experience otherwise. After seeing this i only feel more disappointed that i wasn't able to role play these last few months.

I don't remember the last time i was in any community that made me feel so welcomed, i'll probably never find another like it 😔

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I've only just seen the announcement and, being honest, I cried when reading it. This community is my home. Everyone who has met me, knows that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I came here but I've grown so much and it was everyone here that helped me get there.

I am extremely sad to see Husky's shut down but I am so very grateful for the opportunities and fun memories it has given me. Once upon a time, I was a shy, soft spoken person when it came to playing the role of someone who isn't myself but I've most defiantly come out of my shell and there's a ton more things to learn but Husky's is what gave me the push to try, and try I did. 

This isn't goodbye, this is see you around. I won't find a more amazing community that has been so welcoming and accepting for a while. 


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