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Husky's Network - 2022 Plan & Roadmap


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Husky's Network

2022 Plan & Roadmap


Welcome to the 2022 Roadmap & Plan for Husky's Network, we have decided to make our roadmap public to the community to show you all what we have planned for 2022 and beyond, we will need your help to reach our goals, so if you're interested to have a read, share this with your friends, build up the hype and come join us on our adventure in building one of the best communities!


Husky's Network Community Roadmap

Our overall goal for Husky's Network is to increase our player base and make the community more engaging with others. Players should feel welcome and safe when playing within our community, they should feel a sense of purpose and enjoyment.

  1. Increasing Player Base - Obviously, and this is easier said than done... We're looking to increase our player base, this won't be easy and requires a lot of commitment from everyone, and we need your help, the below things will help us accomplish this.
  2. Social Media Presence - Social media is a key to getting our name out there and showing all of the potential players what a wonderful community we have here.
  3. Content Creators - Content creators are fantastic at getting our name out into the world, and we'd love to support them for all the love they share about us. They scratch our back, and we'll scratch theirs. Whether you stream, make awesome gallery pictures, or even funny Tiktoks; we're looking into ways to better support the effort you guys truly bring to us and help you grow your content creator careers!
  4. Development Team - With our small team, we are looking to expand with developers with varying talents whether you're a vehicle developer, LUA programmer or web developer, or mapper we'd love to hear from you to join our team!
  5. Support Team - We're looking to grow our support team with helpful players who want to show others the ropes and help create guides for the community. If you're friendly and have a lot of patience, we'd love to hear from you too!
  6. Training Platform - DELIVERED! - We believe that our players are the key to success for a community which is why we're investing resources into a training platform for players who wish to learn and upskill their knowledge to use within the community but also in real life.


Los Santos Roleplay Roadmap

Our overall goal for GTA V / FiveM Los Santos Roleplay is to welcome players regardless of their roleplay level, new and veteran roleplayers should feel welcome in the community.

  1. Player Acquisition and Retention - From when you fly in, to how long you spend on the server, we're balancing the entire experience to ensure players have a great first time and continue to have a great time on their hundredth visit!
  2. Establish Official Factions - Getting the official legal & illegal factions into place with structure and good leadership.
    1. Los Santos Police Department - The cops are the front line of our world, and we want to make sure they're prepared for anything. We understand a roleplay with police can make or break an experience, so we're heavily invested in a great supportive police department. If you'd love to help, I'm sure they'd love to have you!
    2. San Andreas Emergency Medical Service - The angels of the world, the first person you see when you say "hold my beer", or get ejected out of a car at 100MPH. From basic first aid to advanced medical resuscitation, we need talented players to help grow and run our EMS. If you're interested, let us know!
    3. San Andreas Fire & Rescue - The buffs of the world, we need eager people to help save cats out of trees, grandma out of a burning building, put out dumpster fires and run large scale rescue operations. If this sounds like you, get in contact!
    4. The Lost MC - The Outlaw Motorcycle Club running under the radar of the police, whether it's money laundering or making dope, if you live to ride, you can ride to live with The Lost MC. Shoot us a message if you want to run this opportunity.
    5. The Gangs - The street gangs of the world, wanna-be rappers and thugs, identified by their colours. We're after players who want to run a gang, be in a gang, smell like a gang and be in a gang. From Aztecas, Ballas, Families, Vagos, andd Kkangpae to choose from, you'll definitely have plenty of competition on these streets.
  3. Public Release Roadmap - Let the secrets out and have a public roadmap of what to expect within Los Santos Roleplay!
  4. Content Creator Tools - This goes hand in hand with getting our name out there, but we're working hard on providing tools to help you create content, whether it's taking photos in-game or using the Rockstar Editor, we love to see the photos and awesome scenes you create in the world.
  5. New Character Experience - This is a big goal, but we want new players to have a great experience, so we're reviewing how players join, start their roleplay journey and how we can enhance their experience.


Minecraft Roadmap

A little hidden get away from the roleplay of GTA V, our Minecraft server provides another way for you to play and join our community.

  1. Seasonal Worlds - To freshen up and give a change to the worlds, we're doing quarterly world changes, for each season the world will change and give you something new to explore and contribute to. Until next year, when you can come back and make improvements to your build that you haven't seen for nearly a year!
  2. Trusted Builders - For those within our community who hold respect from everyone, we're looking at giving you better tools to build like WorldEdit to show us your awesome builds.


Interested in helping? We need your help!

We strongly encourage our members of the community to help us with our roadmap, we are always after talented players who wish to help us, you do not need to be a staff member to help us on our journey towards making one of the greatest & friendliest communities around.

Reach out to our staff team about what you'd like to help with and they'll guide you in the right direction.


❤️ The Husky's Network Team

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