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Introduction of Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy

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Husky's Network

Introduction of Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy

Good evening all,

Husky's Network encourages a safe and friendly roleplaying environment. We understand at times there may be disagreements and people you don't like, we are all adults here and should behave like so. Everyone has a right to feel safe here.

We are introducing a Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy. This means we have zero tolerance towards deliberate (OOC) harassment of players.

The definition of harassment is the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to force someone to quit a job or grant sexual favors, apply illegal pressure to collect a bill, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious.

The final decision will be up to an administrator if an offense has occured, and you can expect an account suspension. Multiple offenses may result in removal from the community.

More information can be found here:

Just be nice to each other, support each other. You don't know what someone might be going through.

Love you all, stay safe and have fun. ❤️

Kind regards,

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