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Reminder on Respect

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Reminder on Respect

Howdy all,

I'm saddened to have to announce this again, but there is a lot of disrespect and toxicity creeping in from people with regards to how they are treating people.

  1. We are all part of one community and should treat each other with a level of respect and professionalism.
  2. Be nice, you don't know what someone is going through, so just be nice.
  3. Understand people have lives outside of the community, some of us have more time than others, and we need to respect their boundaries and time constraints.
  4. Don't pester people or constantly DM/PM people, if you've messaged them, give them time to respond.
  5. We're all here to destress, have fun and relax with each other.
  6. Work with each other, if someone is struggling, help them, don't belittle them.

I'd like to remind everyone of the rules, in particular, and we will enforce these if need be, or we feel you need to take a break from the community:


G1) No Toxicity and Bullying

  • Toxicity is defined as bringing unwanted attitudes into the community.
  • There is a difference between having an opinion/voicing this opinion, and forcing your opinion on other people.
  • Do not direct your anger/frustration/aggression towards another player or staff. Use the appropriate forums for this.



G2) No Derogatory Remarks (IC & OOC)

  • Negative/Derogatory remarks about; race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. is strictly prohibited. This includes in and out of RP.



G12) Do not contacting developers directly

  • Please use the relevant support channels to get help with your issues. Before attempting to message developers. Only message with permission if absolutely necessary.



LSRP-1) Common Coutesty & General Ruleset

While out of character, it is expected you remain respectful and calm towards others. Every player should feel welcome in our community no matter what their background is. Any form of OOC discrimination is forbidden and can result in removal from the community.



LSRP-2) Always Roleplay & Stay In Character Rule [C]

  • All players must remain in character at all times unless allowed to go out of character by an administrator or they are themselves an administrator performing administration duties.
  • Breaking character is severely prohibited and never allowed. Breaking character is defined as you being in-character and then acting out of character is strictly forbidden and should never occur. An example of this would be mixing IC & OOC chat in local conversation.
  • If there is a problem, roleplay the scenario out and then report it.
  • "Roleplay now, report later".


Look after each other, smile, take a deep breathe and have fun!


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