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LSRP - Quick Start Guide

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LSRP - Quick Start Guide

On this page you'll find information about the server to help get you started.

If you enjoy what we do, please consider supporting us and unlock exclusive benefits.

Purchase GTA V

You will need a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto: V for PC in order to play. A Google Search will help with this.

Download FiveM

If you're completely new to FiveM, you'll need to download the FiveM client. You can get this from https://fivem.net and selecting Download client.

Connecting to LSRP

Once you have downloaded the FiveM client, you'll need to connect to our server. There are a few ways you can connect.

  1. Quick Connect: Simply click here to quick connect.
  2. Direct Connect: Open FiveM, and press [key]F8[/key] to bring up the console, then type au1.huskys.network
  3. Server List: Open FiveM, click on Servers and search for 'Aussie Roleplay', click on Husky's Aussie Roleplay, add us to your favorites and then click Connect.

It may take some time to connect to the server while it downloads our custom content.

Creating Your Character

When you first load in, you will have the option of creating a character, you will need to enter their name, select their gender, nationality and date of birth.

Once created, you'll choose your starting apartments, this is where you can come at any time to store your items, change clothing and switch characters.

You'll then be given the character creation menu where you can fully customise your character. Keep in mind if you choose NPC models, you will be extremely limited to clothing options to that model.

If your arms are clipping: check your arms, there are different types of gloves and arms which go with certain clothes.
If your shirt/torso is clipping: check your T-Shirt & Jacket combinations match.

Once you are satisfied, you can Confirm your character and begin playing.


After creating your character and spawning in you will be given $60,000 as a starter cash this is for personal use and you may spend it on what ever you desire

Please keep in mind do not make multiple characters to get this cash and then give it to someone else so they have more money as it ruins our economy.

To buy most stuff you would need money on hand so what you will need to go to a bank and withdraw money, however don't take it all out as you want to be wise with how you spend it.

You can also get an debit card

Dirty Money/Black Money/Marked Bills

Dirty Money is obtained by committing illegal crimes which get you quick money but you will need to wash this first to avoid law enforcement attention. Dirty Money can be cleaned at the Launder Lady which is the greenish letter L on your map you will go to her and select the amount of money to be cleaned she will give you a location and you will take the dirty money to client and they will give you clean money keep in mind if you do $6000 dirty money you may only get around $4000 - $5000 back as it takes a percentage.


In Huskys Los Santos Roleplay we have licenses for most stuff such as vehicles, guns etc. To get a car license you would need to go the DMV which is a white suit case located in Los Santos on your map. You will need to pass the theory test and then take a practical driving test. You will be given 5 mistakes if you make 5 or more you will fail. This goes for the same as motorbike and others. The driving test itself is about 5-7 minutes long. To get a gun license you will need to go to the police station in mission row you will need to bring with you ID and also have no priors of any bad criminal acts. Once you have been seen by a officer you will need to show ID and they will run your name through the system after once they have done if you come back clean you will be issued with a gun license.


In Huskys Los Santos Roleplay we offer a wide range of jobs which can be found at the Job Center once you get there you can pick from multiple options such as Mechanic, Miner, Bus driver and more. You will get paid by doing the jobs and completing tasks for more information visit the job information page about the jobs you selected.


We have a lot of vehicles that is for sale at the Car Dealership if you would like to buy a car keep in mind you will need cash on hand and enough cash on hand for the car. Once you select the car you like and buy it you will then be able to upgrade it so it fits your purposes and so you can make it into what you like you will need to either go to Benny's or a Los Santos Customs.


If you need anymore help or require support don't hesitate to ask, please join our Discord #player-support channel.


  • @Psihusky - Initial writing of the guide
  • @UhmHusky - Updating the guide to be more current.
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