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Hello all,


I am Watch AKA Bob Jason, Scott Banks, Miss Creed, Mr O’Brian.


I would like to just start off by saying how grateful I am to have you all be a part of this community. I have been in this community for over a year and have seen all the changes with the servers along with the coming and going of people.


I started here on the server when it was named (Priority Zero Gaming) even though the server had some stuff to do like robbing stores, selling weed, transporting a stolen car to a location and robbing a jewellery store, though it did have this it still lacked a lot in diversity. It did have a good bit of Civ jobs; but it was the lack of options in the job like having more points to do than just clicking E and waiting for items to be picked up so you could sell them, along with having a not so good inventory system and cars not working correctly like lights not turning on or just not looking the best.


Now you are probably thinking, why did you stay in the community if you could not do much?? Well, the reason for that is the members in the community, and the dedication put into it. It’s not like other servers where you join it and feel left out or not welcomed or not given a chance to play because you are not the best RP’er. Everyone is friendly, welcoming, helpful, fun, and always treating people, new or old, like friends in this community. That’s a big reason I have stayed, because of the community.


With the release of LSRP 3.0 the significant server change is bringing so many new things to do and learn. Bringing new and improved inventory, phones, work, systems, cars, gangs, businesses, houses you can decorate, buying any home you like on the map, and having massive life improvements and the UI. So regarding the work, you will now need to do other things to complete one task, which gives everyone more to do and have many more options for different work. 


So instead of the last server when you would just click E wait then go sell the stuff you will need to click E then do a small mini game and after that you will need to move to the next task till you can get the finished product even though 3.0 does have some bugs it brings so much for us as the players to do and with so much more that i could go on and on but i think it would just be better to look it over on the forums.


So now i just want to give a big thanks to ParaPup for all the time and effort he has put in to make 3.0 what it is, as he does this for free and has been working so hard to give us the players a server to enjoy without having to pay to join the server or needing to even make and applications to join also seeing as he gives so much of his time to work on the server even though he works IRL to still makes time to work on the server is astonishing. 


Personally, I just want to thank you and Mitch for helping and only having 2 main developers working on the server. Also to say that you are doing amazing. I am glad we have you here. Keep up the work because you are making something great here, so keep it going and to the people who want to complain instead of giving a solution or trying to provide something to help.


Some of you need to know that they are human and have a life they need to take care of, so you guys need to give them some leniency and stop acting like they are superhuman you need to know they are just like us, so if you are one of the people try to help them, help us.




Thanks guys, keep up the amazing work!!

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Thanks @Watch for the positive feedback, this is very inspiring and motivating. ❤️

I'm glad you enjoy the community, as you've mentioned it is a joint effort in everyone being supportive and helping each other. You've seen it from the very early days and hopefully seen how far we have come. Haha.

I really do love the community we have, I still think it's one of the best.

We are human, and most of the staff have full time jobs, which does make it hard and not much time for anything else, but when we receive positive feedback like this, it reminds us why we're doing this.

ParaPup has spent countless days working on 3.0, migrating resources and assets over, fixing bugs and adding new features.

We won't always get it right, and we can't please everyone but we're trying with the limited resources and team we have. That said, we can't do it without the awesome support of our players such as yourself.

Thanks again for the kind words, I'll pass it onto the team.

Community Director


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