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Race Track Designers Wanted - CLOSED

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Race Track Designers Wanted


We're seeking 2 individuals who are enthusiastic about racing within GTA V to help us make setup races for other players.

Your character will be given additional access to build race courses throughout San Andreas.


  1. Character should have a predominately a racer or car enthusiast character.
  2. Bonus if you're already familiar with race or level building tools .
  3. You should be relatively active. If you don't think you are, you probably aren't.

Designer Conditions

  1. You should promote your races.
  2. Race courses should have a decent amount of distance or laps which are suitable.
  3. This can only be given to one of your characters at a time.
  4. You must not abuse the race creation tools.
  5. You must remain active with your character & the "racing scene".
  6. We may remove your access at any time we see fit.

Applying for Race Setup Access

If you would like to apply as a Race Track Designer, please PM me on the forums with the following information:

  1. Character's Name
  2. Character's Background
  3. Describe or layout your first race for us. Bonus points if you can draw on https://gta-5-map.com for us.
  4. What would you name this course?
  5. What's your favourite car in Los Santos Roleplay and why?
  6. Why should we choose you over the others?

Best of luck!


If you have questions or would like more information, please reply to this thread.

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