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Hi there, I am unsure how to get scrap metal I was told garbage job or scrap yard. I have got my mate to do garbage job and he can not get any I have also had multiple looks over by myself and also my mate to try find scrap metal at scrap yard and nothing.

The only reason I ask is it impacts my roleplay experience as I want to get the mechanics up and running again which I can't with out metal.

If you could provide me some in depth example that'd be great.

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As mentioned, 3.0 has been re-worked to focus on player interactions (as opposed to doing everything yourself).

There are multiple ways to get scrap metal, which I'll list below.

The Scray Yard (Illegal, High Payout)

The Scrap Yard has been completely re-worked. I've included steps below on how to do this:

  1. Go to the Scrap Yard in Sandy Shores.
  2. Go to the Office and use the E-Mail Vehicle List.
  3. Wait a moment for the list to be emailed to you.
  4. Open your Phone with P and select the Mail app
  5. You will be given a list of vehicles you can scrap. Go out and find these vehicles.
  6. Bring the vehicle back to the Scrap Yard Shed (where the old disassemble spot was).
  7. Drive the vehicle into the shed and use the Disassemble Vehicle.
  8. The vehicle will then begin demolishing.
  9. Once demolished, you will receive an amount of random items including: Metal Scrap, Plastic, Copper, Iron, Alumium, Steel and Glass.

Garbage Job (Legal, Moderate Payout)

I'm looking into exactly how this works, but when you take your payslip, you are suppose to be rewarded with a random amount of junk.

Recycle Center (Legal, Low Payout)

The recycle center is a quicker way to get little bits of crafitng junk at a time. It can be done without changing jobs by anyone. This is more suited to those solo/entrpenuers or assigning a job to someone.

If you're the mechanic, this is probably the best one for you.

  1. Go to the Recycle Center in Paleto Bay, and enter it.
  2. Go to the Computer and Clock In.
  3. Find Packages in the warehouse which say Package and Pack Package.
  4. Take the packed packages to the Red Door that says Hand In.
    image.png image.png
  5. Once handed in, you will receive an amount of random item(s) including: Metal Scrap, Plastic, Copper, Iron, Alumium, Steel, Glass, Rubber, or Crypto Stick [Rare].
  6. When finished, you can Clock Out.


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