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Some interesting stuff to help you in 3.0

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Guides for 3.0


Inside LSRP 3.0 we have a lot of new stuff that people are still learning how to do, in this guide we will cover some stuff to help you out and even just give you a in-depth guide of how stuff works so you understand.

How to Guide:

Inside LSRP 3.0 there are a lot of new systems and mechanical stuff in place people may not be aware of.


1. How to lock a vehicle?


Inside LSRP 3.0 to lock and unlock your vehicle you have keys for you will need to press "L" to lock and unlock a vehicle you own. You may rebind this to another key bind you wish to have inside the settings menu > key binds > FIVEM.

2.  The F1 Menu and how it works?


Toggling Drift Mode

If you would like to toggle TCS, ABS, ESP also known as drift mode you will need to click F1 and then click drifting and click the toggle.

Here is a example:

How to Toggle Drift Mode inside Husky's LSRP 3.0


Putting Clothes On and Off

Inside the F1 menu you are able to take off masks, pants, tops, anything if you'd like to simply just go to general > clothing and which one you would like to put on/take off. 

Here is a example:
How to take clothes off inside Husky's LSRP 3.0


Decorating your house

You will need to buy a house first to decorate it, once you have brought it and if you want to be creative. You can simply go to the F1 menu > General > House interaction > Decorate House.

3. Bank and Finance 


Ordering a card

As a new system to access ATM's you will need a card with your own very custom pin on it, to get a card you will need to visit a branch and order one, once you have done that you will need to enter a pin of your choice and then you can go test it out on any ATM you wish. This will save you a lot of trouble instead of going branch to branch you just go to nearest atm. 

4. Vehicle Dealerships 


Inside Husky's LSRP 3.0 we have multiple dealerships where you can get certain vehicles.

For example: 

If you would like a import (Custom) vehicle you would go to PDM Imports, if you would like a sports classic vehicle you would to the luxury dealership and if you would like regular vehicles and affordable ones you would go to PDM. 

5. Reports


Another person breaking the rules.

If you want to report someone for breaking the rules please do /report reason a Moderator will then get notified about it and will be there to help you whenever he/she is free. 

While you wait it would be best to get some of these things ready.

  1. Have some type of evidence of what occurred such as photos or videos.
  2. Be clear and honest with your story when telling the Staff Member what happen. 


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