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Welcome to LSRP 3.0

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Welcome to Los Santos Roleplay 3.0


It's finally here, after months of work

I cannot thank our Lead Developer @Michael Woods who has worked tirelessly day after day to bring this to life. He will be taking the week off to rest and recover, do not message him please.

I'd also like to thank the following Beta Testers who provided feedback in no particular order:

If you were a Beta Tester and your name is not listed, then you probably didn't report anything.


Join the new server now! fivem://connect/au1.huskys.network

Frequently Asked Questions / How Do I?

Do not message staff or developers directly, follow the links below. Staff reserve the right to ignore PMs/DMs if you do this, do not expect a response. Use the links below.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions during the beta. Please look here before creating a discussion or submitting a support ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions: https://forums.huskys.network/topic/1039-lsrp-30-frequently-asked-questions/

If your question is not there, visit the Ask A Question Forum: https://forums.huskys.network/forum/169-ask-a-question/

General Discussions & Feedback

Let us know your thoughts, if you find something weird or want to see some change, make a discussion on the forums

Los Santos Roleplay General Discussion (OOC😞 https://forums.huskys.network/forum/160-general-discussion-ooc/

Ideas & Suggestions

If you have any ideas and suggestions, you'd like to see added, consider adding them

The most popular requests will be reviewed by popularity. Please note that no timeframe is given and not all ideas will be accepted.

New Ideas & Suggestions: https://forums.huskys.network/ideas/lsrp/

Bugs & Issues

As with anything new, there will be issues and bugs.

Please be sure to include steps to reproduce, screenshots, and the F8 Console logs in your bug report.

Bug Reports: https://forums.huskys.network/bugs/lossantos/

For Support

The best way to get fast support is via a support request, this ensures your request is tracked and directed to the right team.

Support Requests: https://forums.huskys.network/support/

Thank you all

I'd like to also thank all the past and present players overtime which have made this such a great community, I look forward to our next adventures with LSRP 3.0 and the functionality it will bring.

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