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Husky's Network - Staff Roster


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Staff Roster & Positions


The Management Team consists of the experienced staff and heads of departments, they are responsible for the overall direction of the community.

Name Rank Responsibilities
flag_australia.png @Psihusky Director Community Director
flag_australia.png @Michael Woods Lead Developer Head of Development



Our Administration Team consists of Administrators and Moderators which ensure a fair and safe environment for everyone.

Name Rank Responsibilities
flag_usa.png @Aaron Savage Senior Administrator Head of Player Inquiries & Reports
flag_usa.png @Xiolin Furlough Senior Administrator Head of Player Inquiries & Reports
flag_australia.png @ToxWolf Senior Administrator Community Manager
flag_australia.png @GhostB Administrator Head of Decision Appeals
flag_australia.png @WolfBox Administrator  
flag_australia.png @PullMeLikePork Administrator Head of Events
flag_new_zealand.png @UhmHusky Moderator  
flag_great_britain.png @Watch Moderator Events


Our Support Team work with the community and newer members to guide them through their roleplay experience, they're on the front line and work closely with the administration team to teach new placers, review applications and answer any questions you may have.

Name Rank Responsibilities
flag_new_zealand.png    @StormeWolfe Support  



Our Development Team are the awesome engineers that work behinds the scenes to make things work, sometimes they break stuff but they fix it too!

Name Rank Responsibilities
flag_australia.png @Michael Woods Lead Developer Head of Development
flag_australia.png @Psihusky Developer Senior Developer
flag_usa.png @Aaron Savage Developer Vehicle Developer
flag_australia.png @GhostB Developer Systems Administrator
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