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Update on Recent Bugs involving Lost Items

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Hi all,

The Development Team have been made aware of some recent bugs that have surfaced in relation to "losing items", this has taken some time to troubleshoot and debug the reason for it. We typically do not compensate for any lost items given the buggy nature of FiveM, however we are making an exception as these are severe cases. Thanks for your patience while we've troubleshootted this.

The Development Team has found that there are three separate issues, and have applied some hotfixes, and working on the others:

  1. Unable to retrieve items from the impound [Hotfix applied]
    • The Issue: No vehicles have been lost, this was an error with the code which prevented the vehicles from spawning.
    • The Solution: A hotfix has been implemented to fix this issue. It should no longer occur.
    • Compensation: No compensation will be provided, as vehicles have not been lost. If you are still not able to get your vehicle out, please open a Support Request.
  2. Items are "disappearing" from vehicles trunks.
    • The Issue: This is an issue with how items are stored and saved into the vehicle, players who change the license plate of the vehicle will experience this bug.
    • The Solution: A hotfix is currently being worked on to patch this and will be made available in the coming days.
    • Compensation: Please open a Support Request (Refund Request) with your current vehicle's plate and the items you believe you are missing.
  3. Items are "disappearing" from house inventories.
    • The Issue: Unfortunately, this is very difficult to fix given how shitty the ESX framework saves and stores characters and manages instances.
    • The Solution: These will be disabled and made available in LSRP 3.0.
    • Compensation: Please open a Support Request (Refund Request) with what items you are missing and the character.

Thank you greatly to all those who have submitted bug reports on the issues, keep them coming! This helps us paint a better picture.

We've changed how we handle bug reports to now a public system so if you experience the same issue, please contribute to the bug report with your notes and steps to reproduce.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reply.

Community Director

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