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General Rules [G]

The General Rules are all the rules that are related to players, accounts and not focused on in character actions.

G1) No Toxicity and Bullying [D]

  • Toxicity is defined as bringing unwanted attitudes into the community.
  • There is a difference between having an opinion/voicing this opinion, and forcing your opinion on other people.
  • Do not direct your anger/frustration/aggression towards another player or staff. Use the appropriate forums for this.

G2) No Derogatory Remarks (IC & OOC) [C]

  • Negative/Derogatory remarks about; race, religion, gender, sexual preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. is strictly prohibited. This includes in and out of RP.

G3) Minimum Age Requirement: 17+

  • Players wishing to join the community must be 17 and above based on their birth year.

G4) No Scamming [B]

  • Scamming of money, vehicles and properties is not allowed by any means both IC or OOC. In general this means performing an action which gives you legal possession of a property or vehicle through deceit. E.G. Promising to pay money after someone sells you a property or vehicle and not paying the money as promised - robbery is not classed as scamming.

G5) Limit AFKing [A]

  • Leaving your computer or in any manner tabbing out or going AFK should not be done in a public area, please be inside your private home or hidden area.

G6) No External Advertising [C]

  • Sending other players links or discussing other servers, communities or groups in the manner of advertising is strictly prohibited. We expect all players to keep their opinions about said matter to themselves, as we hope members from other corners of the gaming world would do the same for us.

G7) No Exploiting / Report Bugs [C]

  • Exploiting of a bug or glitch is strictly prohibited. This includes setting up macros to farm jobs. Purposely exploiting, duplicating or macro’ing anything for personal gain will result in heavy consequences.
  • You are not allowed to abuse bugs, bugs are considered as actions in which are not intended, such as duplication of items/money/vehicles. You are required to report any bugs you find using our bug tracker. Failure to report bugs and instead using them for your own benefit/gain will be met with a severe punishment (see below).
  • Abusing game mechanics in unintended ways for clear non-roleplay gain is strictly prohibited.

G8) No Impersonation [C]

  • Impersonating another player, by using a similar account name, creating a certain level of confusion is not allowed. Account names are considered personal and must remain so.
  • Portraying yourself as a staff member is strictly forbidden and may lead to harsh punishments.

G9) No Inappropriate & Illegal Content [B]

  • Do not post material or links to content which is illegal as per United States, Canadian, Australian and International law.
  • Do not post nudity, gore, or otherwise inappropriate content without spoilers, warnings, and a reason. For example, illegal roleplayers discussing cartels in real life and showing a video of a shootout would be acceptable, showing random gore for shock value is not.

G10) No Third Party Communications [B]

  • These programs or channels are not be used in character or for any sort of in character communication, unless you are in specific and monitored channels that have been approved by the Upper Administration Team such as “tactical” channels for law enforcement factions.
  • This includes private Discords which are created for use with Husky's Network.

G11) No External Websites [C]

  • Any domain or program not under direct control of Husky's Network or Aussie Roleplay (not a Husky's Network website) may not be utilized for in character purposes. Examples of this would be an external website created to advertise an in character business, a Dropbox to share an in character PDF document or utilization of any Google service such as docs, spreadsheets, etc, mainly used for organization purposes.
  • Exceptions to this rule are approved by the Husky's Network Team on a case-by-case basis and listed publicly. Exceptions will be made under the pretense that the platform being approved allows for full access by Husky's Network as requested in order to prevent meta gaming. You can file for approval with valid reasoning.
  • Exceptions:
    • Google Drive (Docs, spreadsheets, etc.)
      • Husky's Network Roleplay
    • Discord (VoIP Communication)
      • Los Santos Roleplay [Husky's]

G12) Do not contacting developers directly [A]

  • Please use the relevant support channels to get help with your issues. Before attempting to message developers. Only message with permission if absolutely necessary.

G13) Respect Twitch Terms of Service [C]

  • We have a lot of players who stream their experiences on "Twitch", as such, with respect to them you are required to follow the Twitch Terms of Service which can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/terms-of-service/
  • Generally speaking, our rules try to line up with these Terms of Service also.

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