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  • No teleporting rule ((discuss for ideas))

    rsd58 Congrejo
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    the big problem is someone say no teleporting however i am aware of this - sometimes i need tp from sim to FD quickly but i think i need create this rule as i had talked to Admins regarding it

    let me quote: Special Characters  and  3.4. Powergaming  and not least 3.1. Always Roleplay - those rules dont make no telporting rule however so i decided to throw this up to discuss and debate


    howver people dont realise about those rules eg they might get yelled at for no teleporting

    for example i tp from lightining to Diamondback lake at FD as non rp teleport and gotten yelled at

    however i have seen some people teleport right there few times but issue is when someone sees and say OH no teleporting then they get punished for it example yelling at someone and reporting to admins or such

    my propsal is No teleporting to fire scenes or in progress RP - this would be example: from Fire department to fire scene or any active rp - this will be probited that going to teleport

    teleport is ok when you are in streest (not rping) or at home or from workplace) or from OOC area (welcome centre to other sims)

    i have seen no teleporting rule in very few sims but its very rarely enforced in most rp sims - but only enforced in rp scenes where fire chief or Admin is present or other members


    free to discuss or debate - i want see ideas about this



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