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  • Fires on rented land

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    So apparently there's no inherent rule against rezzing fire on rented land. This is extremely buzzkill for roleplay when I can be in my house and a fire just randomly is rezzed by a player in my bar beneath me without any roleplay. I roleplayed it and reported the incident but was told there's no rule against this, so I'd like an actual rule addressing this.

    Proposal: Fires should require admin approval to be placed unless you're spawning fire on your own rental.

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    Just now, Lan Nakajima said:

    I think rented land in general sure, maybe not public places, like the SD, FD, Hospital, DOPW, trash cans, etc.

    That's fair even. I just don't think it's reasonable that you can pay to rent land (roleplay businesses in particular where you can't make them OOC like residences) just to have it burnt down at the will of anyone on the server.

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