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  • Los Santos Roleplay Faction Database

    What is a faction?

    A faction is simple a term meaning organised group. Factions within the Los Santos can be either Legal, Illegal or Government depending on their motives.

    Factions are only for those who wish to make it known they have a group, this is a great way for others to see you are actively recruiting or available to roleplay. It helps with story and character development in finding opportunities within the roleplay.

    Using this Information

    All information here is Out of Character and must be found out in game.
    Exceptions: You may contact the Faction Contact via Forum PM about applying or joining if necessary. You may also visit the public location, if provided.
  • Madrazo Cartel

    • Unavailable Illegal Unowned Location: La Fuente Blanca, Senora Road

    The Madrazo Cartel, also known as the Madrazo Crime Family or simply called The Cartel, is a Mexican-American drug cartel.


  • Type Definitions

    Legal  - Factions that engage predominately in legal activities (i.e. legal businesses, clubs, organisations).

    Illegal  - Factions that engages predominately in illegal activities (i.e. illegal businesses, gangs, clubs).

    Government  - Government-owned factions typically reporting to the Administration Team.


  • Status Definitions

    Available  - This faction is available to own.

    Standard  - This faction is the basic kind of faction, most factions are this type.

    Established  - This faction has months of confirmed activity, actively updates and has several members.

    Official  - This faction is large, subversive and/or deeply ingrained in the community and has been active for several months. 

    Dissolved  - Previously owned player faction which has dissolved or closed.

    Unavailable  - Currently unavailable by the Faction Team.

  • Recently Updated Factions

  • How do I join an existing faction?

    You can search for our existing factions by filtering on the right side, or searching below. If there is no joining instructions in the faction contents, please send a private message to the faction owner and request to join.

  • How to I start a new faction?

    Firstly, check that your faction doesn't exist, or isn't already available. If your faction does not exist, you can start a new one:

    1. Create a new faction within this faction database, be sure to fill out the appropriate information.
    2. Your faction will be reviewed by the Faction Team who will deem the suitability and reach out to you if they have any questions.
    3. Once your faction is approved, you may actively partake in your faction.

    Note: If you are inactive with your faction for over two weeks, your faction may be dissolved or closed by the Faction Team.

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