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    Frequently asked questions about how to play FiveM Roleplay in Los Santos.
    1. What’s the benefit of buying a house?

      The benefit of buying a house? – It’s a great alternative to avoid rental payments that can add up over time. Aside from the literal benefit, there’s a number of other advantages to having your own four walls, whether you buy them outright, or rent them. For one, every house or apartment comes with a wardrobe for you to save and change outfits with. Secondly, you can store items at your house or appartment, too, if you don’t want to carry it around with you for example. You get to have an actual address! No more awkward change of topic needed whenever you’re asked where you live. You can have as many people in your apartment or house as you wish, have parties or just a private place to do business at, whether that might be legit or of questionable nature. It’s incredibly simple! Just head to a house or appartment of your choice and rent or purchase the property, it takes no less than a minute or two. There’s a multitude of different appartments or houses spread across the island, you’re free to pick the one that suits you the best and rent or purchase at your will.  
    2. How to view FiveM Screenshots (via Steam)

      If you have taken a screenshot with the Steam Overlay, these will be saved into your Steam Screenshots under Source SDK Base 2007. Instructions Open your Steam client From the top menu, select Library -> Screenshots The Screenshot Uploader window will appear. Select from the Show dropdown: Source SDK Base 2007 Click "Show on Disk" to view these screenshots in Windows Explorer.
    3. How do I show my ID/license/permit?

      The main way to show your ID/license/permit is by the interaction menu. Instructions Open the Interaction Menu M key Navigate to Portfolio Select if you want to... Show ID card Show driving license (if you have one) Show gun license (if you have one) This will show your card on the closest player's screen You can also choose "Look" to see what this looks like for you. Press Backspace to exit the menu   Police can also check your license or ID without you showing it. Simply hint to the officer that you do have one (i.e. "in your pocket") and they can search for it. You can also choose to roleplay that you do not have a license on you, and other players should respect and roleplay that.  
    4. What are the PC Requirements for LSRP (on FiveM)?

      Los Santos Roleplay runs off GTA V & the FiveM Modification as such, the recommended and minimum requirements are based off them. FiveM Recommended System Requirements OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHz / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHz RAM: 16GB GPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 / AMD HD 7870 GPU RAM: 2GB HARD DRIVE: At least 80GB of free space DIRECTX: DirectX 11 FiveM Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows 7 CPU: Intel Core 2 Q6600 @ 2.40GHz / AMD Phenom 9850 @ 2.5GHz RAM: 8GB (4 may work) GPU: NVIDIA 9800 GT / AMD HD 4870 / Intel HD GT2 GPU RAM: 1GB HARD DRIVE: At least 80GB of free space DIRECTX: DirectX 10 A persistent internet connection is required for play.
    5. How many players are on the server?

      As we are a new server, player numbers may be lower throughout the day as players discover our community. The number of players also fluctuates throughout the day depending on time, holidays, etc. We have a diverse playerbase with members from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany and other parts of the world! Current Server Status Previous Player Statistics You can see our recent player numbers recorded by Trackyserver here: https://www.trackyserver.com/server/aussie-roleplay-374734 Don't forget to vote for us while you're there!
    6. How do I get paid/salary?

      There are many ways you may get paid depending on the job and activity you do. Salary (Jobs) If you are unemployed, or have a salaried job, you will receive payment every 7 (real life) minutes. Your rate of payment every 7 minutes is calculated as 7 hours. 7 Real Life Minutes = 7 GTA Hours = 7 Hours of Pay Example: If your hourly rate is $20/hour and you're on the server for 7 minutes, your pay check will be $140. [tds_note]Salaried jobs can sometimes be used in addition to the below options.[/tds_note] By Item/Sales Some jobs and activities may require you to sell the items or goods at a specific point. You will have to sell your item at a designated point or store to get paid. You may also consider selling to a player. Per Job/Task Some jobs & activities may pay you by completing a job or a delivery. You'll be given payment and notified when you complete the task.
    7. How to purchase items from a shop

      Shops are a main source of items, however different shops may supply different things. Requirements Some money to purchase an item Instructions Find a shop that you wish to go to on the map. Walk into the marker located within the shop. Press E to shop. Navigate to the item you wish to purchase with the /\ and \/ (arrow) keys. Set the quantity you wish to purchase with the < and > (arrow) keys. Note: You can only carry a certain number of items. Press Enter to make a purchase. Press Backspace to exit out of the shop menu.
    8. How to drink & eat

      In order to replenish your hunger and thirst, you'll need to regularly eat and drink, with food and water. You can buy food & drink items from most stores marked on your map as "Shop". Some stores sell different things. Some food & drink items may replenish your meters differently, some items may also have side effects. Requirements A food item A drink item Instructions Open your inventory F2 Click + Drag the item you wish to consume onto the Use area. You will consume the item, an animation will play to confirm this and the item will disappear from your inventory. Your meter will replenish depending on the item you consumed.
    9. What jobs are available?

      Available Jobs There are many types of jobs & companies available, some of the jobs include: Banker Security Officer Bus Driver Premium Deluxe Motorsport Fisherman Fueler Go Postal Law Enforcement Los Santos County Sheriff Department Los Santos Police Department San Andreas State Police Lumberjack Mechanic Miner Nightclub Pool Cleaner Journalist Gruppe6 Butcher Tailor Downtown Cab Co. Vanilla Uniform San Andreas Fire & Rescue San Andreas Emergency Medical Service Marlowe Vineyards Window Cleaner Create your own job (custom job) If you have a great idea and don't need any specified scripting or wish to use existing environments. This role has a similar salary to other core jobs. Depending on the quality of your roleplay, administrators may be able to promote you to a higher pay grade. Need some inspiration? Check out a list of over 12,000 careers. Activities Don't forget to check out some activities which can pay you in items or cash!
    10. How do I make money?

      Unfortunately, that is not a simple question to answer. However there are a number of ways you can make money, the decision you must make is do you want to do it legally or illegally? Legal Methods Choose one of the many jobs from the Job Centre. Find a career within one of the whitelisted jobs (i.e. Police). Collect bottles from recycling bins & sell them. Sell items to other players. Illegal Methods Illegal methods may give you dirty money which you will need to 'clean' in order to convert it to spendable currency. Illegal methods while allowed within the server, may result in in-character law enforcement attention. Rob a store at gunpoint. Rob a jewelry store. Manufacture and sell illicit substances (i.e. Weed). Chop vehicles & deliver the chopped items. Transport stolen vehicles of interest from the docks to their varied destinations. Sell items to other players. Special Events Sometimes the community may hold special events which reward money. Some of this include: Easter Egg Hunt (during Easter period) - Find the Easter eggs with money in them! Christmas Presents (during December) - Collect a present from the Christmas tree every day with a reward.
    11. How to clear your FiveM cache

      This article is possibly out dated. Important Note: Clearing your cache will reset your FiveM settings and downloads. You will need to relink your FiveM account. You may also experience a delay when downloading vehicles and assets. Instructions Exit the FiveM Application Navigate to your FiveM Application Data located at 'Username Folder > AppData > Local > FiveM > FiveM Application Data' Alternatively, Right Click on the FiveM Application shortcut, and click Open Folder Location Select and delete the caches.xml file Navigate to the cache folder Delete all folders and files EXCEPT the 'game' folder Relaunch FiveM and rejoin the server. You will begin downloading all the server files again. This can take some time depending on your Internet connection. If first connection does not work, try reconnecting again. Do not delete your cache again.
    12. How do I play on the FiveM Server?

      Purchase GTA V You will need a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto: V for PC in order to play. A Google Search will help with this. Download FiveM If you're completely new to FiveM, you'll need to download the FiveM client. You can get this from https://fivem.net and selecting Download client. Connecting to LSRP Once you have downloaded the FiveM client, you'll need to connect to our server. There are a few ways you can connect. Quick Connect: Simply click here to quick connect. Direct Connect: Open FiveM, and press [key]F8[/key] to bring up the console, then type au1.huskys.network Server List: Open FiveM, click on Servers and search for 'Aussie Roleplay', click on Husky's Aussie Roleplay, add us to your favorites and then click Connect. It may take some time to connect to the server while it downloads our custom content.
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