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  • Darklion Baddingham

    Darklion Baddingham
    • Species: Lion Gender: Male Date of Birth: 07/28/1980 Character Background:

       Darklion Baddingham / Darklion The Thundercat.  He been a traveler across space and earth as a gay male whitelion who like helping others and working on his vehicles to make them unique and is in two families one supernatural / Timelords the other is all Furry. He have three places to call home his modern home which is a showcase of his likes and stuff he likes to do, The Second is Furry Paradise is his Gas Station / Loft near his Big Bro's Goldenpaws Mansion, and his Third home is the Fire Station in Woodland County. He loves swimming having fun also going to clubs and flirting with other gay and bi males.  He is also studies and practices the Pagan / Wiccan ways on the Irish Celtic path.  So He also cares for the plants and animals.  He also a play by play announcer for the Furry Wrestling Federation.  =^.^= 

      Current Job: Firefighter. Notable Quotes:

      Thundercats Hoooo!  Over Here is a Gay Lion. Roooar Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  Lion Hugs!  Positive Energies & Lion Hugs. Pawsome!!!! 


    I am Darklion Baddingham a gay male whitelion who loves action fighting a fire and or driving around also being with Gay and or Bi males. =^.^= 

    Darklion's Pride Pumper infront of his new gas station.jpg

    Darklion with his neon green and black tigerstriped truck.jpg

    Close up of Darklion in a new orange and green camo speedo.jpg


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