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  • Woodland County

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    1. Alexander Morales

      Species: Feline
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: No value Character Background:

      Born to a small family, Mother a teacher, father a mechanic. Raised mostly by their older brother as neither parent had time for them. Alex grew up lower middle class, public education at one of the better public schools in their city. Highschool diploma from a respectable school where they managed to coax along without drawing too much attention to themselves with slightly above average grades, holding but a few good friends. Alex's life came to an impasse when his mother died, his brother had long left to start his own family and his father was at best obnoxious and brutish, at worst enough to make a young feline want to run away. 

      Current Job: Drug Dealer Notable Quotes:


    2. Darklion Baddingham

      Species: Lion
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: 07/28/1980 Character Background:

       Darklion Baddingham / Darklion The Thundercat.  He been a traveler across space and earth as a gay male whitelion who like helping others and working on his vehicles to make them unique and is in two families one supernatural / Timelords the other is all Furry. He have three places to call home his modern home which is a showcase of his likes and stuff he likes to do, The Second is Furry Paradise is his Gas Station / Loft near his Big Bro's Goldenpaws Mansion, and his Third home is the Fire Station in Woodland County. He loves swimming having fun also going to clubs and flirting with other gay and bi males.  He is also studies and practices the Pagan / Wiccan ways on the Irish Celtic path.  So He also cares for the plants and animals.  He also a play by play announcer for the Furry Wrestling Federation.  =^.^= 

      Current Job: Firefighter. Notable Quotes:

      Thundercats Hoooo!  Over Here is a Gay Lion. Roooar Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!  Lion Hugs!  Positive Energies & Lion Hugs. Pawsome!!!! 

    3. Ms. Ava Buttons

      Species: Human
      Gender: Female
      Date of Birth: 05/12/1986 Character Background:

      New to town, I came by bus and is from a city far away from here needs, to find a place to call home. 

      Current Job: None Yet
    4. Jakk Erebus

      Species: Equine
      Gender: Male
      Date of Birth: 02/16/1990 Character Background:

      Jakk grew up in a small town and decided to go to college after high school where he would take up odd jobs and hobbies as a means of entertainment and financial stability. He would wind up in city after city, town after town, traveling from one place to another,

      Current Job: Detective

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