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Released 01/04/2022


  • Police Job: Added markers for evidence to help find where all the evidence is for shells, fingerprints and blood
  • Loading Screen: Added automatically pulled change logs from git
  • Map: Added Sanders Motorcycles
  • Map: Added San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • Map: Added Sandy Shore Police Station upgrade
  • Map: Added Sandy Shore Fire Station
  • Para's Bot: Automatically pull discord subscribers
  • Para's Bot: Update live player list in discord via channel name


  • Subscribers: Automatically pull the subscribers from discord for Vinewood
  • Weapon Repair: Added text message on repair to help players who don't know what they just did
  • Para's Framework: Added cancelable invoking functions and invoking keys
  • Anticheat: Added encryption
  • Cinema: Overhauled loading model to fix some of the issues for some clients
  • Cinema: Allow skipping anytime with new waiting feature
  • Cinema: Automatically pull subscribers for intro credits

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Logs: Added join logs to discord
  • Logs: Better crash detection for crash management software
  • Vehicle Sales: Prevent banned resale

Bug Fixes

  • AOFS: Fixed positions for gameplay

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