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3.0.0 & 3.1.0

Released 12/30/2021

New Features

  • Framework: New framework & migration of resources
  • Mapping: New vehicle shop for exclusive vehicles
  • Item: Added working gas mask
  • Mapping: Added iFruit Map
  • Mapping: Added Arcade
  • Police: Added new MDW
  • Daily Claim Bonus: Added /claim to let players claim daily bonus
  • Vanilla Unicorn: Added Vanilla Unicorn Job
  • Evidence: Added evidence lockers to each station
  • Admin: Added /noclip command
  • Mechanic: Added Auto Exotic Mechanic functionality

Improvements, Adjustments & Tweaks

  • Framework: Updated styling to Husky's Network & Los Santos Roleplay
  • Character Creation: Change start location
  • Banking: Updated styling & branding
  • Character Creation: Add nationality dropdown for character creation
  • GIT: Improvement to performance
  • Error Logging: Added sentry logging to most scripts
  • Multiple Resources: Performance improvements & optimisation
  • Drug Dealer: Added blips for drug dealer
  • Loading Screen: Remove IP Address from screen
  • Report Function: Change to prompt users to use forums
  • Drugs: Set min cops to 1 to sell drops on street
  • Logging: Improved death logging
  • Logout: Added ability to logout of character from prison phone
  • Status: No more death from food but instead increases stamina
  • Crypto: Removed Crypto
  • Anti-Cheat: General improvements
  • Drugs: Added blips and markers to several dealers
  • Mapping: Removed Cayo Perico Island

Bug Fixes

  • Character Creation: Limit date of birth selector to 18 years
  • Vehicle Shop: Fixed players not being able to view donator vehicles
  • Vehicle Customs: Fixed not being able to repair vehicles
  • Vehicle Customs: Fixed not using cash if on hand
  • Bus Job: Fixed bus spawning issue
  • Animation: Fixed players being able to pick up bottles while in a vehicle causing an animation glitch
  • Radial Menu: Fixed spamming radial menu & multiple menus (Press BACKSPACE to close)
  • Bike Hire: Fixed bikes being locked after hiring them
  • Mapping: Fixed mapping issue for Pillbox Hill Hospital where players fell through map
  • Animation: Stop cuffed people carrying
  • Vehicle Shop: Fixed vehicles spawning on top of each other at Sandy Car Dealer
  • Rockstar Editor: Fixed by removing Cayo Perico Island

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