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Released 02/15/2021


  • Average Speed Cameras: Average speed check cameras have been implemented throughout the state, these will notify law enforcement of speeders with the speed and registration. Fines may be issued by police officers manually.
  • Garbage Collection Job: Added a garbage collection job - for more info the help article:https://huskys.network/help/aurp/garbage-collection/
  • Taser: Implemented a X2 Taser framework which now acts like the X2 Taser in real life with audit log and more.


  • Police Alerts: Restyled the police alerts notification.
  • Phone: Updated the phone to v3 with new ringtones, backgrounds, and more.
  • Speed Limiter: Require some speed before being allowed to set speed limiter as some players were limiting their speed to 0.

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Fire: Removed ambulance from fire garage.

Bug Fixes

  • Door Lock: Fixed not being able to unlock/lock bollards at front of Mission Row.
  • Vehicles: Fixed passengers being able to control indicators.
  • NPCs: Removed NPCs left over from old mission row.
  • Fuel: Fixed not being able to use Jerry Can to refuel vehicles.

Additional Information

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