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Released 06/08/2021


  • Trucker Job: Added new trucker job available at the Docks. Based off Euro Truck Similator.
  • Trucks & Trailers: Added new trucks available from the trucker job.
  • Donators: Implemented donator benefits


  • Loading Screen: Updated loading screen with a moving video
  • Tutorial: Prompt the player each screen if they would like to skip
  • Anti-Cheat: Multiple improvements and flags added.
  • Vehicles: Prevent non-police players from operating police vehicles
  • Licenses: Update d theme for licenses

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Menu Title: Renamed Menu Title to Los Santos Roleplay & tweaked colours
  • Blackmarket Weapons: Switched black market dealer to use clean money
  • Death: Hospital will remove weapons off you if you go to hospital - this is to reduce people NPCing to hospital to avoid police.
  • Vehicles: Prevent players from instantly repairing cars, wait period now introduced.
  • Hospital: Healing time changed from 10 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Shop Robberies: Give dirty money/marked bills instead of clean money
  • Vangelico Robbery: Give dirty money/marked bills instead of clean money
  • Various: Renamed various things from Australian to Los Santos equiviliant.

Bug Fixes

  • Police Job: Fixed a bug preventing ranked officials managing employees
  • Police Job: Fixed a bug where Officer II and above were not able to get weapons out of armory
  • Inventory: Fixed a bug which allowed players to open anyone elses inventory
  • Scoreboard: Fixed a bug which prevented the player from switching weapons
  • Vehicles: Fixed headlights not showing on the road with the Suburban.
  • Vehicle Shop: Fix typos for engine upgrades
  • Jail: Fix jail spawns
  • Jail: Prevent jailed players from respawning at Pillbox Hospital, now respawn inside Prison Infirmary.
  • Elevators: Fix teleports not working in Vespucci Police Station
  • MDT: Fix MDT not loading charges

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