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Released 05/14/2021


  • Introduction Credits: New introduction credits when joining the server
  • Tutorial: New tutorial screen for new characters to show them the basics
  • Job Centre: Added new purpose-built Los Santos Job Centre building
  • Impound System: New impound system which allows officers and mechanics to impound vehicle for a period of time & price
  • Vanilla Unicorn: Given Vanilla Unicorn
  • Discord: Added new buttons
  • Aerial Tramway: Added new Aerial Tramway to get up to Mount Chilliad
  • Prison: New prison facelift


  • MDT: Add recommended time to charges screen
  • Police Auto-Dispatch: Push alerts to chat as well so officers can view info later
  • Police Auto-Dispatch: Add blip support
  • Anti-Cheat: Added additional flags, checks to anti-cheat & better logging
  • Banking: New cleaner banking system with animations (type /atm at any ATM)
  • Death: Integrate distress call to dispatch system
  • Death: Add different call codes for officer vs civilian down
  • All In One Menu: Add ability to change liveries from Vehicle Management
  • Discord: Require player joins the Discord before connecting - this will allow players to ask for help, view notices, announcements and more
  • Vehicles: Changed liveries for BCSO vehicles to LSSD

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Police Auto-Dispatch: Police actions will now alert as well (i.e. public calling it in)
  • Gameplay: Modify gameplay settings
  • Fuel: Lower fuel cost
  • FiveM: Added new project name and project description for server listing
  • FiveM: Updated server listing banner
  • Vehicles: Removed Australian Government Vehicles
  • Speed Cameras: Removed speed cameras
  • Vehicles: Disabled Emergency Lighting System in favour of Lux Vehicle Control
  • HUD: Renamed KMH to MPH on hud & speed limiter
  • HUD: Rebranded to LosSantosRoleplay.com
  • Police Job: Integrate EUP into Police Cloakroom
  • Mechanic Job: Fixed NPC Job
  • DMV: Convert DMV back to America
  • Vehicle Shop: Plates will now be in GTA V formatting again
  • HUD: Show minimap on full hud info state when on foot
  • Los Santos Customs: Lower price for horns from $1,000 to $100
  • Chat: Rename 000 to 911 with /911 command
  • Discord: Change arriving in to Los Santos
  • Police Job: Set police vehicles to $100 each to discourage spawning multiple vehicles

Bug Fixes

  • Community Service: Fix notification to use character name instead of player name
  • Police Auto-Dispatch: Fixed a bug where some information would display blank
  • Car Thief Thug: Fixed possible bug when dropping off cars
  • Gameplay: Disable vehicle rewards (e.g. guns from police vehicles)
  • Vehicles: Fixed critical vehicles spawning with little fuel (jobs, DMV, etc)
  • Police Auto-Dispatch: Fixed an error that occurred when checking certain vehicle names
  • Los Santos Customs: Fixed various typos for horns
  • Vehicle Inventory: Fixed a rare bug where occasionally trunk script would error
  • Police Job: Remove duplicate BCSO Ford Explorer in shop
  • Bottles: Fixed players being able to get bottles while in a vehicle causing animations to bug out
  • Wine Job: Fixed french translations
  • Los Santos Customs: Fixed overlaps of repair spots with Los Santos Customs
  • Player: Prevent couching when ragdolled
  • Weapons: Fixed weapons not spawning
  • Door Locks: Unlock front Mission Row Police Station doors by default
  • Garbage Job: Fixed garbage job not loading

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