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Released 02/27/2021


  • Auto Exotic: Add Auto Exotic Fixing Station interior on Elgin Ave in Alta
  • Bike Hire: Added multiple free bikes around the city


  • HUD: Add notification when speed limiter activated
  • Chat: Update styles for chat
  • Map: Colourise map
  • Police Alerts: Update style for police alerts, integrated more crimes
  • HUD: Added cross street to HUD

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Garbage Job: Set pay to $50 per stop
  • Garbage Job: Remove second trash truck from garage
  • Police Job: Set prices to items to prevent misuse
  • Radio: Update radio frequencies
  • Vehicles: Buff motorcycles damage as they damage too easily, i.e. when dirt bikes go off road
  • Car Thief Thug: Increased payout to reflect the risk
  • Car Thief Thug: Swapped low mission and mid mission around to better suit the risk
  • Phones: Reduced the radius to activate a payphone

Bug Fixes

  • Ad: Fix /ad command
  • Vehicles: Fix engine not turning off when exiting vehicles
  • Map: Fix map texture not loading on ESC when zooming in
  • Customs: Fix shop allowing multiple people to enter when one person is customising their vehicle
  • Scoreboard: Fix icons on scoreboard
  • Character: Removed month/year picker which caused issues when registering a new character
  • Notifications: Fixed icons for notifications

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