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Released 02/10/2021


  • Scoreboard: Brand new scoreboard with groups, ping, and more.
  • Vehicle: Add 2018 Ford Fusion
  • Pillbox Hospital Lower: Restyled to match upper hospital
  • RACV: Rebrand Los Santos Customs to RACV
  • Mission Row Police Station: Updated to Gabz MRPD


  • FiveM Server Build: Update to latest stable server build.
  • MDC: Create an MDT Call on distress signal
  • Car Dealer: Add custom "import" vehicles to car dealer.
  • Pillbox Hospital: Add teleports to Pillbox Lower & Higher levels
  • Sandy Shores Sheriff Station: Rebrand to Sandy Shores Police Station
  • Anti-Cheat: Improved Anti-Cheat
  • Jail: Uncuff players who go to jail incase the officer forgets to
  • ESC Menu: Updated style to escape menu & added some extra prompts for voice config
  • Sit: Added more chairs to sit

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • ELS: Set Pattern 25 to VicPol flash pattern
  • ELS: Fixed message boards on vehicles (fbi2, police4, and sheriff)
  • Plates: Modified new plates to format as A12 B34 in line with Victoria
  • Discord: Rename join notifications from Los Santos to Victoria
  • Server Name: Color name to all purple
  • Farmer: Updated farming payout

Bug Fixes

  • Job Centre: Fixed the job centre menu not prompting
  • Door Locks: Fixed door locks not working due to OneSync Update
  • Mumble VoIP: Fixed resync causing issues
  • Shops: Fixed a bug where when connecting a prompt would appear offering the player to open the store
  • Police Radar: Fixed police radar not working when requested
  • Launder Lady: Fixed the launder lady not giving out missions
  • Car Thief Thug: Fixed the car thief thief not giving out missions
  • Vehicle (coldivvy): Fixed Police Colorado environmental lighting
  • MDC: Renamed 911 calls to 000 calls.
  • HUD: Fixed the hud not hiding when it should in certain scenarios
  • Join/Leave Notifications: Fixed notifications displaying blank names on new characters
  • Car Dealer: Fix bugged screen when purchasing a vehicle with insufficient funds
  • Community Service: Fix community service not applying on players
  • Voice Detect: Fix voice detection blocking players from creating characters
  • Unicorn Show: Fixed a bug when spawning actors wouldn't close the menu
  • Sitting: Fixed a bug where players couldn't stand after sitting

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