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Released 01/04/2021


  • Rebrand: Los Santos Roleplay is now Aussie Roleplay under the Husky's Network name.
  • Mapping: Changed lots of street signs to Australian equivalents
  • Vehicles: Victorianise the license plates


  • FiveM Server Build: Update to latest stable server build.
  • Character Creator: Restyle Character Creator, add slider, date of birth picker and first/last name randomiser for those with no creativity
  • Item: Add license plate item to change plates, can be purchased from the DMV/VicRoads for $5,000
  • Character Creator: Massive improvements to how characters can be created including presets, camera position, etc.
  • Loading Screen: Added new tips to loading screen
  • FiveM: Added banner for FiveM Servers Page & Connection Screen

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Weather: Made it rain less.
  • Police: Disabled police megaphone as sound files weren't suitable
  • DMV: Rebranded DMV to Australian version.
  • Voice: Change voice range key from Z to F11 to not conflict with other keys.
  • HUD: Hide bank balance from showing on HUD to encourage players to go to the bank to check balance.
  • Characters: Set characters limit to 6 characters
  • HUD: Change speed limiter key to UP arrow instead of CAPSLOCK as it conflicted with radio
  • Job Centre: Moved job centre chooser to front desk instead of being hidden around the corner
  • Doors: Optimized how door locking scripts are handled, add emojis too
  • Mapping: Changed Legion Square from Christmas to non-Christmas

Bug Fixes

  • Phone: Locale issues on the phone resulting in some translations being displayed in French instead of English
  • Vehicle Shop: Fix vehicles not spawning properly due to OneSync culling it
  • Spawn Selector: Remove name display for last location as occasionally doesn't pull correct location.
  • Police: Fix incorrect uniforms from being selected in police locker rooms
  • MDT: Fix issues when looking up a character with the MDT
  • Character Creator: Fixed an issue where randomising character's name would create the character
  • Properties: Fixed an issue where property names would be displayed on the marker

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