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Released 12/11/2020


  • Rebrand: Los Santos Roleplay is now Aussie Roleplay under the Husky's Network name.
  • Vehicles: Added new Australian vehicles for police, fire & ambulance (civilian vehicles are coming soon)
  • Clothes Menu: New dpclothing clothes menu accessed through Y.
  • EUP: Australian emergency service variants added to EUP.
  • Map: Legion Square revamp to a more community meeting area. (XMAS theme currently)
  • Map: US flags changed to Australian flags
  • Map: Added new stream for banks to resemble an Australian bank.
  • Map: Added new stream for 247s to resemble Australian convenience store.
  • Map: Added new stream for LifeInvader building to resemble Australian news channel.
  • HUD: Player HUD completely revamped to be modern, and fresh.
  • Police MDT: Updated to in-game MDT and reset.
  • Notifications: Rebranded notifications to resemble Australian counterparts.
  • Vehicles: Replaced San Andreas plates with Victorian equivalent.


  • FiveM Server Build: Update to latest stable server build.
  • MySQL: Update mysql dependencies.
  • Para Base: Migrated across to server and updated compatibility.
  • Phone: Added new purple night background.
  • Error Logging: Introduced better error tracking and recording.

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Police Radar: Disable locking radar as it was causing confusion for players.
  • Phone: Phone numbers tweaked to Australian mobile format.
  • Phone: Changed phone provider to Huskys.Network
  • Loading Screen: Updated loading screen to new Husky's Network Logo
  • Server Info: Updated server info to reflect new community name, tags, website, discord and gamemode.
  • Map: Disabled lower pillbox hill hospital as it didn't reflect the standard we expect, nor was it used.

Bug Fixes

  • Phone: Locale issues on the phone resulting in some translations being displayed in French instead of English
  • Screen to Discord: Disabled due to bug with FiveM
  • Police: Fixed missing text for getting armour from the police armory. 
  • Vehicles: Fixed vehicle wheels not saving their angle/position when exiting a vehicle with the engine on.

Additional Information

Characters have had their vehicles and phone numbers reset due to the massive amount of changes. These will not be refunded due to a somewhat fresh start of a new city.

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