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Released 06/07/2020


  • Launder Lady: Another new mission which allows players to visit the Launder Lady in Backlot City, get information off her and switch their money from marked/dirty to clean fresh cash. Check out the Launder Lady guide on how to get started.
  • Weather: We completely re-wrote the weather system so now every 10 minutes the weather will have a smooth transition between weather.
  • Take Hostage: Added the ability to take a hostage. Check out the Take Hostage guide on how to get started.


  • Mission System: Updates to core mission system
  • Carry People: Improved syncing for carrying people animation.
  • Piggyback: Improved syncing for piggy backing animation.

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Car Thief Thug: Changed thug to take clean money and pay out dirty money on completion.
  • Car Thief Thug: Added one hour server cooldown
  • Car Thief Thug: Fixed thug not checking your money correctly preventing players from starting.
  • Chop Shop: Tweaked percentage from 20% to 33% that police will be called during chopping by an NPC.

Bug Fixes

  • Weather: Fixed an issue where whether would could not be set (admin)
  • NPCs: Removed a duplicate NPC which hid behind Launder Lady.
  • Chop Shop: Selling final products to Stanley will now pay out in marked bills, instead of clean money.

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