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Released 05/26/2020


  • Vespucci Police Department: Bringing law enforcement roleplay to the next level with the Vespucci Police Department (VESP) by UncleJust#0001.
  • Blood & Bullets Analyzing: Police can now see, pickup and analyze blood & bullet casings they find at scenes and bring them back to Vespucci Police Department's Crime Laboratory for analyzing.


  • Tweets/Bleets: Tweets renamed to Bleets to be more lore friendly (/tweet will still work).
  • Bleets: Bleets now output to their own Discord channel #ig-bleeter
  • Advertisements: Ads now output to their own Discord channel #ig-advertisements
  • Advertisements: Ads now automatically show the phone number from the character.
  • UI: Show money & bank balance using the standard GTA UI.
  • Logging: Improved administrative logging.
  • AI Density: Made AI density dynamic based on time of day, including rush hour & night.
  • ATMs: Added ATMs to Vespucci Police Department
  • VESP: Added elevator to Vepsucci Police Department
  • Police: Added ability for police to now breath test players
  • Ammu-Nation: Added temporary shop next to weapon shop to purchase items which shouldn't require a license (this will be integrated into the menu later)

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Scoreboard: We revised how the scoreboard is displayed to prevent occurrences of metagaming that we observed where some players were using this to count the number of police, or avoid asking for a mechanic. To counter this, you should be tweeting your requests or using your phone to contact.
  • Voice Issue Detection: Tweaked wording on this to better correlate to the actual setting's name.
  • Screenshot to Discord: We've disabled /screenshottodiscord as a FiveM update has broken this. We'll look to resolve this in the future.

Bug Fixes

  • Interaction Menu: Fixed putting on/taking off accessories in the interaction menu.
  • Accessories Menu: Removed the 'k' menu which conflicted with seatbelt & holster animations.
  • World - Ferris Wheel: Found the missing ferris wheel which disappeared one update.
  • Auto Dispatch: Improved witness detection where some random objects were calling 911.
  • Vehicle Customization: Fixed a bug where 'police' cars were not able to be modified in Los Santos Customs.
  • Garages: Fixed modded liveries not saving correctly when storing your vehicle in the garage.
  • Connections: Fixed an issue which prevented players from being able to connect.


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