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Released 05/17/2020

Notable Features

Sanders Motorcycles Interior 


Along with the recent update to vehicle dealers, sanders motorcycles now has an interior.

South LS. Recycling & Document Destruction Interior


As part of ongoing efforts to add more roleplay locations, South LS. Recycling & Document Destruction Interior offers the opportunity for roleplay and later a new job.

Front Page News


If you have joined the server you should start receiving news about the server, this will include updates, events, and news.

Pause Menu Title


For new and old, the pause menu title now has the website, discord, and server link.

Voice Issue Detection


To help your roleplay experience the game will detect if you have any of the following conditions and prompt the following until the issue is resolved. More info ( https://roleplayworks.com/help/troubleshooting-voice-issues/ )

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Changed Boat License from $50,000 to $10
  • Moved Bikeshop selling points to inside as per new interior
  • Changed purchasing of dealer vehicles to cash on hand not cash from bank
  • Removed odd NPC standing outside of RV Sales
  • Optimized NPC spawning around the map by 60Mb
  • Made big changes to job system, thank you for those who helped test it on the server
  • Added blip and police actions to Davis Sheriff Station
  • Scoreboard changes to mitigate metagaming

Bug Fixes

  • Fix on error messages when reselling vehicles
  • Removed vehicles with weapons, please let us know if we missed any ❤️
  • Fixed massive error on reconnect of client after disconnecting, EUP will always fail on reconnect it's a known bug for a long time

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