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Released 05/03/2020


Notable Features

  • Add /extras menu to change vehicle extras
  • Add seatbelt (activate with K)
  • New tuner laptop which requires players to balance the performance (see guide here)
  • Added Mosley's Auto Location (Postal 9092)
  • Add ability to sell vehicles at Mosley's Autos (pending car dealer restrictions)
  • Add new Downtown Cab Co. interior
  • Add copy of Trevor's Trailer for interior use
  • Add /transfervehicle <playerid> "<plate>" to transfer ownership

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Renamed admin teleporting to /tpm
  • Removed old tuner system
  • Add coloring for seatbelt on speedometer
  • Weapon licenses no longer bought from Ammunation, must be given by an officer
  • Add 'Grant Weapon License' option in police menu
  • Renamed 'Vehicle Robbery' to 'Illegal Imports'
  • Increased illegal imports to 120 minutes
  • Changed minimum police from 0 to 1 for illegal imports
  • Removed custom vehicles and broken vehicles from illegal imports
  • Tweaked prompts to be more IC friendly for illegal imports


  • Improved admin teleporting for OneSync
  • Add /ooc [message] placeholder to Chat to assist players in knowing how to talk OOCly
  • Doors now lockable in Davis Sheriffs Station
  • Doors now lockable in Bolingbroke Penitentiary
  • Doors now lockable in Vanilla Unicorn
  • Add soda machine to prison

Bug Fixes

  • Fix car thief not giving correct money.
  • Possible fix for AI trains not running
  • Fix vehicle inventories sometimes not loading correct character
  • Fixed player management system
  • Slow animation canceling for crouching


Additional Information

We have now changed to using whole number for versioning.

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