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Released 09/13/2019


Vengelico Jewelry Store is now open!

Over 600+ NPC Models

New State Police Liveries

Notable Features

  • Add notepad
  • Add more police cars to police garage
  • Added 80% chance of loosing balance when you jump (help counter bunnyhopping)
  • Add illegal drugs
  • Added Muscle Beach Gym, Membership and some Gym Items
  • Added chopshop
  • Added new SASP liveries to chargers (great work @Dusty Miller)
  • Added tunerchip (please request access for this)
  • Added 600+ npc skins to choose from when creating a character (just change the sex)
  • Add Vengelico which is can be robbed with 3 cops online. You can smash cases, and then sell the jewels behind You Tool.
  • Add Window Cleaner Job.
  • Added 26 stock GTA vehicles to car dealership


  • Add ability to rob clothing stores
  • Customized NPCs per shop to be better suited
  • Plates are now AB123CDF to be consistent with rest of traffic.

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • Lowered vehicle and pedestrian density from 1.0 to 0.3 to increase performance
  • Lowered cost of parking your vehicle from 200 to 50.
  • Increased time starving will make you "die"
  • Renamed Weed Dealer to "Smoke On The Water"

Bug Fixes

  • Fix handcuffs not giving back screens, menu access, etc, when being uncuffed.
  • Stop autodispatch for police activity (e.g. police shooting)
  • Fixed impounded sandy shores vehicles spawning on the roof.
  • Fixed hunting not being available
  • Fixed speed limiter (it's back!) press L to limit speed, and L to reset.
  • Fix chat box styling
  • Fix Smoke On The Dealer giving black/dirty money, should now give normal money.

    Known Bugs

    • #181 Missing police vehicles in garage
    • #169 Unequip weapon when crossing arms
    • #168 Taximeter not working
    • #155 Disable sending alerts to cops when player inside interior
    • #151 Real estate translation missing in phone
    • #122 Cannot purchase food with money on hand
    • #164 Whitelist certain weapons with AutoDispatch
    • #124 Changing into mechanic workwear has wrong uniform
    • #188 Unable to move camera around when "dead"
    • #195 No preview of vehicle modifications before purchase (resulting in costly mistakes)
    • #197 lsrp_disablegunpickups hangs causing script warnings
    • #199 Vehicle trunks aren't keeping items/storing them properly
    • #201 Guns on back drop when spawning in (can pick them back up, by switching weapon wheel)
    • #202 Prisoner's receive random clothes instead of a prisoner outfit (thanks EUP)
    • #213 Getting vehicles out of Sandy Shores Impound puts them on the roof of the building
    • #214 Certain vehicles don't emit headlights (we're working hard to replace these vehicles)
    • #212 Unable to show ID and other stuff with the new M menu (add functionality like before)
    • #210 Speed limiter doesn't work
    • #209 Police blips (for other police) don't show properly
    • #205 Some vehicles display "NULL" in the police & ambulance garage
    • #215 World disappears when selecting vehicles from police garage & Premium Deluxe Motorsport (& some vehicles also appear broken?)

    Other Changes

    • Remove checks for driving on footpatch and wrong side of the road when doing DMV tests
    • Changed loading screen music

    Additional Information

    Thanks for your patience, I know it's been a while since I've put out a changelog. Have been busy in real life, and busy working on stuff on the server.

    Thanks everyone for their feedback on everything. Special shout out to @Justin Wildwood for his help, if you see him, say thanks!

    As always...

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    Think something can be done better? Discuss and add them here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas/lossantos/

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