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Released 08/06/2019


Shop Robberies Overhaul

Vespucci Movie Masks Now Open! (Hmm... :thinkface:)

Push Broken Down Vehicles
"Guarantee you hit a local"

Pillbox Hill Medical Refurbishments Completed

Notable Features

  • Redid shop robberies (no more "safe in the back", you can rob stores at gun point by pointing a gun (like in normal GTA), be aware that your photo will be taken...
  • Added masks shop down at Vespucci Beach (this could be useful....)
  • Added hunting which can be started at the Park Ranger Shack on Great Ocean Highway.
  • Added a new interior to lower Pillbox Hill Medical Center
  • Added ability to push vehicles which are "broken down" (vehicle health must be 100 aka. dead), vehicles can be pushed with Shift+E - it's really cool and fun!
  • Added bus license test to DMV.
  • Renamed command for emotes to /e (you can type '/e help' to view a list)
  • Added a shitload more animations.
  • Added stretcher which can be spawned with /stretcher and removed with /removestretcher (behaves like /wheelchair )


  • Police auto-dispatch now require a (NPC) "witness", the witness must see or hear the crime being committed before it is reported to 911. (i.e. No more 911 calls for shooting in the middle of no where)
  • Police auto-dispatch now provides the gender of the suspect, weapon and direction of travel for a suspect
  • Police auto-dispatch now alerts of open carry
  • Added blips for: Bahama Mama's West, Burger Shot, and the Sex Shop.
  • DMV got moved, with a brand new training/testing drive.
  • Driving test now penalizes driving the wrong way & driving on the sidewalk.
  • Added over 60 new vehicles to vehicle thief job, including new cars, emergency vehicles & some a few "doozy" vehicles -- TIP: If you don't like the odds, get out of the vehicle and don't steal it.

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • Changed DMV vehicles to be better suited for the test.
  • Made DMV test a little more forgiving on speed
  • Removed some over powered weapons from the weapon stores & black market dealers based on community feedback we've heard
  • Adjusted prices of some weapons to better reflect marker value
  • Adjusted payouts for vehicle theft job based on distance instead
  • Adjusted shop robberies to only require 1 police officer, instead of 2 as previously
  • Adjusted vehicle theft to require 3 police officers instead of 2
  • Adjusted vehicle theft tracker refresh from 3 seconds to 10 seconds to better reflect real trackers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ambulance vehicles & helicopters not being able to spawn at Pillbox Hill
  • Fixed not being able to buy ambulance vehicles at all
  • Fixed black market weapon prices not being respective to the dirty money price.
  • Police auto-dispatch now checks if a player is in an active fight, instead of just punching air
  • Mechanic not being notified of how much they were paid when completing an NPC job
  • Fixed the cooldown on vehicle theft jobs which could be exploited to farm money (there is suppose to be a 60 minute wait between cars)

    Known Bugs


    • #181 Missing police vehicles in garage
    • #169 Unequip weapon when crossing arms
    • #168 Taximeter not working
    • #155 Disable sending alerts to cops when player inside interior
    • #151 Real estate translation missing in phone
    • #122 Cannot purchase food with money on hand
    • #164 Whitelist certain weapons with AutoDispatch
    • #124 Changing into mechanic workwear has wrong uniform
    • #188 Unable to move camera around when "dead"
    • #195 No preview of vehicle modifications before purchase (resulting in costly mistakes)
    • #197 lsrp_disablegunpickups hangs causing script warnings
    • #199 Vehicle trunks aren't keeping items/storing them properly
    • #201 Guns on back drop when spawning in (can pick them back up, by switching weapon wheel)
    • #202 Prisoner's receive random clothes instead of a prisoner outfit (thanks EUP)
    • #213 Getting vehicles out of Sandy Shores Impound puts them on the roof of the building
    • #214 Certain vehicles don't emit headlights (we're working hard to replace these vehicles)
    • #212 Unable to show ID and other stuff with the new M menu (add functionality like before)
    • #210 Speed limiter doesn't work
    • #209 Police blips (for other police) don't show properly
    • #205 Some vehicles display "NULL" in the police & ambulance garage
    • #215 World disappears when selecting vehicles from police garage & Premium Deluxe Motorsport (& some vehicles also appear broken?)


    Other Changes

    • Disabled shop NPCs in place of new shop robbery system which adds these NPCs anyway

    Additional Information

    Thanks everyone for their feedback on everything. We're getting some good insight and such to help.

    We have an idea in mind of where we want the community to be, and have big things planned for the server.

    We greatly appreciate the effort and time you guys contribute to making the project successful.

    As always...

    Is something broken in this update? Please let us know here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/bugs/lossantos/

    Think something can be done better? Discuss and add them here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas/lossantos/

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