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Released 08/02/2019


New Vehicles For Sale (from Premium Deluxe Motorsport)

Burger Shot Now Open

Bahama Mama's Now Open

Sex Shop Now Open

New NPCs to Locations (Nightclub, Police Station, Shops)

Moved Nightclub

Added Mosley's Auto Service Garage

Discord Presence

Notable Features

  • Add NPCs to police stations, nightclubs, and shops
  • Added new interiors (see above)
  • Added roughly 40 new vehicles to Premium Deluxe Motorsport
  • Added Discord Presence stuff
  • Added New Duty Belt & Body Cam for clothing


  • Improved look of hunger and thirst bars.
  • Improved look of voice bar

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • Moved nightclub from Elysian Island to Downtown Vinewood
  • Made mechanic job pay out 20% of earnings to the driver

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed menu's not working after dying or being tazed
  • Fixed console outputting 1 when getting in and out of vehicles
  • Fixed government radio not working (doesn't matter since this update though)
  • Fixed mechanics not counting on scoreboard
  • Fixed ambulance job markers not working/appearing
  • Fixed DMV using kmh instead of MPH.

Known Bugs

  • #181 Missing police vehicles in garage
  • #169 Unequip weapon when crossing arms
  • #168 Taximeter not working
  • #155 Disable sending alerts to cops when player inside interior
  • #151 Real estate translation missing in phone
  • #122 Cannot purchase food with money on hand
  • #164 Whitelist certain weapons with AutoDispatch
  • #124 Changing into mechanic workwear has wrong uniform
  • #187 Some ESX menus stop working after death or being tazed
  • #188 Unable to move camera around when "dead"
  • #195 No preview of vehicle modifications before purchase (resulting in costly mistakes)
  • #197 lsrp_disablegunpickups hangs causing script warnings
  • #199 Vehicle trunks aren't keeping items/storing them properly
  • #201 Guns on back drop when spawning in (can pick them back up, by switching weapon wheel)
  • #202 Prisoner's receive random clothes instead of a prisoner outfit (thanks EUP)
  • #213 Getting vehicles out of Sandy Shores Impound puts them on the roof of the building

Other Changes

  • Disabled VOIP temporarily to aid in newcomers
  • Re-enabled shitty GTA/FiveM voice shit
  • Updated FiveM Server Files

Additional Information

Thanks for those who are reporting bugs and suggestions via the appropriate forums. We are reviewing them and will keep you updated.

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