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Released 07/27/2019

Notable Features

  • Added new SASP vehicle textures
  • Added new SASP police motorbike
  • Added new 2018 Dodge Chargers (because @Dusty Miller wouldn't stop whining)
  • Added wheelchair (can be spawned in with /wheelchair and removed with /wheelchair) allowing you to sit in or the wheelchair.
  • Added gsr (gun shot residue) test for police (can be accessed with /gsr <player ID>)
  • Added large weapons to show on back of player (no more arse pulling)


  • Update TokoVOIP script
  • Added 5 additional slots for character creation
  • Updated Clothes Shop scripts
  • Removed dot above player head, again
  • Added small circle underneath players to replace dot above head
  • Added multiple new payphones throughout Los Santos City

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • Changed tackle distance from 3.0 meters to 1.0 meters
  • Allowed anyone to tackle
  • Changed tackle controls to LEFTSHIFT + E
  • Lowered revive fee from $1,000 to $900
  • Significantly reduced car upgrades and customisation costs
  • Significantly reduced fuel usage, again
  • Significantly reduced damage threshold to fuel tank
  • Changed vehicle prices to be more realistic

Bug Fixes

  • Fix clothes shops not allowing you to save outfit after purchase
  • Fixed issue where players couldn't purchase fuel or jerry can despite having the money
  • Fixed locale & missing text issues for phone

Known Bugs

  • #181 Missing police vehicles in garage
  • #169 Unequip weapon when crossing arms
  • #168 Taximeter not working
  • #155 Disable sending alerts to cops when player inside interior
  • #151 Real estate translation missing in phone
  • #122 Cannot purchase food with money on hand
  • #164 Whitelist certain weapons with AutoDispatch
  • #124 Changing into mechanic workwear has wrong uniform
  • #187 Some ESX menus stop working after death or being tazed
  • #188 Unable to move camera around when "dead"
  • #193 Vehicle prices too expensive
  • #194 Vehicle modifications too expensive
  • #195 No preview of vehicle modifications before purchase (resulting in costly mistakes)
  • #197 lsrp_disablegunpickups hangs causing script warnings
  • #199 Vehicle trunks aren't keeping items/storing them properly
  • #201 Guns on back drop when spawning in (can pick them back up, by switching weapon wheel)
  • #202 Prisoner's receive random clothes instead of a prisoner outfit (thanks EUP)

Other Changes

  • Added resources for civilian cars (roughly 40 new civilian cars coming)
  • Changes to MDT system, if you are an officer and do not have access, please contact me.

Additional Information

Thanks for those who are reporting bugs and suggestions via the appropriate forums. We are reviewing them and will keep you updated.

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