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Released 07/12/2019


New Rooms added to Mission Row Police Station

San Andreas State Police / Highway Patrol Station

Vehicle Crash Blackouts



Notable Features

  • Added 3d /me back
  • New rooms added to Mission Row Police Station (allowing for mug shots, interrogation & evidence storage)
  • New San Andreas State Police / Highway Patrol station down in La Mesa
  • Added blacking out from severe vehicle crashes


  • Hospitalization now satisfies thirst and hunger.

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • All properties have had a 0 dropped of them. i.e. $3,500,000 is now $350,000 (this will be changed to better market value
  • Rentals are now 10% of the price instead of 20%
  • Rentals will now no longer charge you if you're not in the server (they use to charge you everyday even if you weren't on) #thiefs
  • Changed ambulance locales to better fit in with lore e.g. "respawn" is now "NPC ambulance"

Bug Fixes

  • Stopped charging players for rent when they weren't online
  • Street Label no longer shows up on character selection screen
  • Fixed trunk not being loaded

Known Bugs

  • #181 Missing police vehicles in garage
  • #169 Unequip weapon when crossing arms
  • #168 Taximeter not working
  • #155 Disable sending alerts to cops when player inside interior
  • #151 Real estate translation missing in phone
  • #122 Cannot purchase food with money on hand
  • #164 Whitelist certain weapons with AutoDispatch
  • #124 Changing into mechanic workwear has wrong uniform
  • #187 Some ESX menus stop working after death or being tazed
  • #188 Unable to move camera around when "dead"
  • #193 Vehicle prices too expensive
  • #194 Property prices too expensive
  • #194 Vehicle modifications too expensive
  • #195 No preview of vehicle modifications before purchase (resulting in costly mistakes)
  • #197 lsrp_disablegunpickups hangs causing script warnings

Other Changes

  • Better checks to stop cash running into negative balance

Additional Information

We're doing a lot of economy balancing at this time, and would love your input here


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