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Released 05/07/2019


New Pool Cleaner Job

New Bus Driver Job

Prison Update

Twitter App on Phone


Notable Features

  • [Job] Added new pool cleaner job
  • [Job] Added new bus driver job
  • [Job] Added dirty postal job, allowing you to wash dirty money
  • [LEO] Added new tackle system, when running after someone, hold SHIFT + CTRL to tackle them to the ground when near them
  • [Animation] Added new whistle, press H
  • [Animation] Added new cross arms, press G
  • [Prison] Added new prison interior
  • [Prison] Mug shot animation when loading prison
  • [Prison] Added new prison work system
  • [UI] Added new cinematic cam mode (/movie on & /movie off) - we're looking at hiding the hud entirely
  • [Phone] Added Twitter App to phone
  • [Weather] Added dynamic weather system which has different regions and will change based on the season & zone
  • [Misc] Added /cam, /mic & /bmic which will give you news reporter equipment and camera modes - we're looking at hiding the hud entirely


  • [EMS] Add Pillbox Hill Medical Center to Ambulance Job
  • [Animations] Updated /emote command
  • [Shops] Added the ability to buy from random soda machines
  • [Phone] Added Taxi to phone contacts
  • [Fuel] Decreased fuel usage
  • [Vehicles] Hold F (vehicle exit) to keep the engine running, good for keeping headlights on and hazards!

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • [Animations] Increase draw weapon speed for LEO & civilians
  • [AIO Menu] Moved All In One Menu key to M (interaction key)
  • [vMenu] Changed vMenu key to Pg Up (still developers only)

Bug Fixes

  • [Shops] Fixed an issue where weapon shops weren't loading
  • [LEO] Fixed police not being able to revive people (we're aware of an issue when reviving, occasionally this will restore a very old character skin or a random ped model)
  • [Garages] Fixed issue where impounds weren't working

Other Changes

  • [LEO] Temporarily disabled notifying of attempted vehicle thefts, carjackings will still alert
  • [Map] Added trigger-able alarms at major buildings for events
  • [Dev] Added better tracking of server side errors
  • [Base] Updated base framework

Known Issues

  • When reviving a player, the revived player will have their skin reset to another character or a random NPC ped

  • The Wraith Radar will conflict with the AIO menu (temp fix: setup your radar, then press M and close the AIO menu)
  • Pool cleaner outfit will wear a San Andreas State Parks Jacket

Additional Information

A lot of changes this round, next few updates we'll be focusing on bug fixes and some polishing, so make sure if you have any issues you report them!


Remember to keep your feedback & bug reports coming!

Suggestions & Ideas => https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas/lossantos/

Bugs => https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/bugs/lossantos/

General Discussions => https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/forum/160-general-discussion-ooc/

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