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Released 05/04/2019


New Loading Screen

Dots Above Head Are Gone! (Watch out for the police)

Radar Overhaul

Notable Features

  • [UI] New loading screen, we will modify this with player's screenshots in future
  • [UI] Player Dots are gone! We thought hard about this one, but feel it's best. Cops won't know who players are, and players won't know if cops are AI. Hiding from others is much easier without dot bushes, etc. Goodluck!
  • [LEO] We've overhauled the Radar/ALPR modifying a version of WraithRS Radar, enjoy!
  • [Vehicles] Add LEO 2006 Tahoe
  • [UI] Added jobs to All In One Menu
  • [UI] Added billing/invoices to All In One Menu


  • [LEO] Add front plate reader to WraithRS Radar.
  • [LEO] Disabled police garages for all except Mission Row for performance. Means no previews, but you won't have to load the Mission Row Garage from Paleto Bay anymore.
  • [LEO] Dispatch alerts will now notify of vehicle plate & color for NPC vehicles
  • [Animations] CTRL will now crouch, then crawl, then stand. No more CTRL and C. Just CTRL now.

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • [UI] Disable ESX HUD - makes for a nicer and cleaner roleplay experience. You can still check your wallet & bank via F2. To confirm your job if it has options, press F6.
  • [Vehicles] Vehicles now take more damage before failing
  • [Vehicles] Decreased durability of smaller vehicles, making them fail easier if damaged  (i.e. SUV will last longer than a coupe)
  • [Shops] Removed all but one black market weapons dealer
  • [LEO] Increased timer for displaying dispatch callouts from 30 seconds to 60 seconds to give officers a chance to see the job
  • [LEO] Carjackings will not automatically dispatch alert for player vehicles (call 911 yourself)
  • [LEO] Attempting to open a car locked or not locked, will not notify dispatch, only car jacking (this will be a separate dispatch alert soon)
  • [LEO] Increased carjacking & gunshot radius on map

Bug Fixes

  • [Shops] Fixed typo on black market dealer
  • [Live Map] Add native fallback method for getting street names instead of displaying unknown
  • [Vehicles] Fixed fuel sync issues
  • [Vehicles] Fixed vehicles not using 100% of the tank.
  • [LEO] Fixed fines being in wrong categories

Other Changes

  • [LEO] Disable text based ALPR in favour of WraithRS Radar (CTRL+M)
  • [Live Map] Live map now only shows emergency service personnel
  • [Live Map] Live map will now show carjackings (they won't disappear just yet)

Additional Information

Thanks everyone for their feedback! Keep them up, we're listening!

Suggestions & Ideas => https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas/lossantos/

Bugs => https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/bugs/lossantos/

General Discussions => https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/forum/160-general-discussion-ooc/


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