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Released 05/01/2019


New Character System

New Phone System

Notable Features

  • [Characters] Add brand new character system
  • [Vehicles] Add vehicle fuel system
  • [Phone] Implement new phone system


  • [AI] Enable selling drugs to NPCs
  • [AI] Disable AI freaking out when shooting (some gangs may still attack)
  • [Vehicles] Stop seat shuffling, to shuffle type /shuff
  • [UI] Add time & date to UI

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • [LEO] Police vehicles no longer cost $10 and are free
  • [Map] Remove red areas for drug sales points.

Bug Fixes

  • [LEO] Fix police vehicle spawns for Paleto Bay & Sandy Shores
  • [LEO] Fix typo in dispatch alerts
  • [Vehicles] NPC vehicles no longer affected by vehicle lock system (no more getting locked in cars)

Other Changes

  • [Admin] In game actions now echo to admin Discord channel

Additional Information

Thanks everyone for their feedback, keep reporting all issues! We'll be taking suggestions shortly!

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