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Released 04/27/2019


New Dodge Charger

New Sheriff's Office Vehicles

Notable Features

  • [Clothing] Enable clothing stores, currently two types as we work on them.
  • [AIO Menu] Add All In One menu. Accessible by Page Up key.
  • [Vehicles] Add new Dodge Charger & Sheriff's Vehicles


  • [LEO] Notify police as well as paramedics of distress alerts
  • [Dispatch] Alert dispatch calls into chat as well notification
  • [Dispatch] Move dispatch alerts to pNotify, looks nicer
  • [Radar] Add new /radarset command to allow setting of an audible alert when vehicle exceeds speed limit
  • [LEO] Add some CHP vehicles to police garage
  • [LEO] Add Unmarked Dodge Charger to LEO Garage
  • [LEO] Add Unmarked Riot Command to LEO Garage
  • [Vehicles] Add vehicle lock system
  • [Server] Automatically pull commits

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • [LEO] Rename FIB SUV to Unmarked SUV in LEO Garage
  • [Car Dealer] Disabled car dealer job

Bug Fixes

  • [UI] Fix hunger and thirst status bars overlapping vehicle HUD
  • [Coroner] Fix language issues
  • [Controls] Change cruise control key from Y to U, to avoid conflicting with emergency lighting
  • [UI] Fix possible logical error with misalignment of street names
  • [vMenu] Fix vMenu not working (only accessible by staff)
  • [Car Shop] Allow anyone to purchase cars
  • [LEO] Fix LEO Garage Vehicle showing up as "NULL"

Additional Information

Thanks to everyone who's testing and providing feedback, definitely getting a lot of bugs squashed and those quality of life features implemented. Keep up the good work!

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