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Released 08/20/2018

Notable Features

  • Add vehicle livery menu (can be accessed with F10)

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • [Vehicles] Disable FBI2
  • [Admin] Changed speed of noclip to be slower

Bug Fixes

  • [Mechanic] Fix typo causing mechanic menus, prompts and actions to error/fail

Other Changes

  • Add basis for new clothing menu which will allow NPC models to be used
  • Add repairkit (yet to be added to shops) to allow players to repair their vehicle without a mechanic but requires repairkit item

Additional Information

Thanks everyone again for their feedback. Our future focuses are currently:

  • Ensure purchased items are not lost (if you buy a car or outfit, you should be able to retrieve that)
  • Change structure and database to be character focused, not user focused. i.e. money, items, vehicles, properties, etc. currently save on the user across all character names, this will require an major rewrite of existing code and databases to save data onto a character instead of the username. Thanks for your patience with this as we do this, it will take time.

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