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Released 08/18/2021


  • Golf System: Added new golf system
  • Vehicles: Added new Dodge Durango
  • Vehicles: Added new 1994 Nissan Patrol Y60
  • Mapping: Added new Sandy Shores Sheriff Station
  • Vehicles: Added new 2016 Dodge Charger for Sheriff
  • Mapping: Added new Hunters shop in Mount Chiliad
  • Mapping: Added new Eastern Motel in Harmony
  • Mapping: Added new Station 8 in Vespucci Beach


  • Logging: Improved chat & kill logs
  • Vehicles: Multiple improvements to vehicle handling
  • Vehicles: Added stalling mechanic if a vehicle is hit at high speed
  • Vehicles: Add new ambulance livery
  • Garage: Added a feature for stored vehicles and charge recovery fee if the vehicle is already out, system will also delete duplicate vehicles
  • Mapping: Updates & improvements to IPL system
  • Admin: Updates to admin system
  • Permissions: Updates to permissions system
  • Mapping: Updated Fire Station 24 to new version
  • Time: Update permissions in time system

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Server: Updated server logo
  • Robberies: Disabled some store robberies up North to encourage players down into Sandy and Los Santos
  • Los Santos Customs: Added repair timer to prevent players speeding into garages and repairing
  • Dispatch: Updated dispatch codes for downed players and downed cops
  • Fueler: Rebalanace payouts to bring them inline with the effort and other jobs
  • Miner: Rebalanace payouts to bring them inline with the effort and other jobs
  • Tailor: Rebalanace payouts to bring them inline with the effort and other jobs
  • Fisherman: Rebalanace payouts to bring them inline with the effort and other jobs
  • Blackmarket Dealer: Removed black market dealer blips & locations
  • Blackmarket Dealer: Moved black market dealer to secret location
  • Weapons: Removed Molotov from store
  • Vehicles: Disable non-emergency players entering helicopters and planes for now
  • Phone: Setup phone to allow custom keybinds (Default: P)
  • Fire Job: Add new fire job grades
  • Vehicle Dealer: Disable vehicle dealer for now due to exploit
  • Weather: Change weather system to stop raining quicker.
  • Vangelico Robbery: Set minimum police online from 3 to 4, increased minimum timeout to 12 hours to prevent constant robberies

Bug Fixes

  • Robberies: Fix robberies not alerting police
  • NPCs: Fixed NPC drug sales not alerting cops if necessary
  • Police Job: Fixed Sandy Shores Police Marker for new station
  • Phone: Fix 911 phone showing as 000
  • Phone: Fix payphones having dashes in the name, prefix is now 888 for all payphones
  • Impound: Fix players not being able to retreive vehicles from impound due to enough spots not being available
  • Personal Menu: Fix chief positions not being able to see boss actions

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